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  1. the reason i said Highest floor of a condo building

    I usually only see this in sealed units. leaving the pilot on may work in a standing pilot. But IPI? The strangest thing is they come back over and over again. like salmon returning to their same...
  2. If you are a professional you will understand

    what is the highest floor in a condo building you have seen a sp__er in the main orifice?

    is there any repellant you have discovered that works. I do have some ideas.

    If the problem is not...
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    so now that I have been given the secret "handshake"

    Will anyone help me? I thought it would have been clear by my responses that I was not an armature.
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    Usually blowing it out works but once in a while...

    Usually blowing it out works but once in a while it does not, maybe only one in 20-30. It just seems odd that PSE would have made a pilot assembly that was essentially "Unserviceable".
  5. Thread: Fluke 922

    by crazymonk

    Fluke 922

    I need a new pressure testing set up. I am now using a yellow jacket and I think it is off about 1". I have been looking at the fluke 922 and was wondering if it is accurate enough to troubleshoot...
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    how to clean this pilot

    440991I have run into these pilots over the years but have not been able to figure out how to clean them. They act like the orifice is dirty
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    Tempered glass

    Ok, here is the deal, Tempered glass will randomly shatter. I don't know why but it does. I think it has something to do with temprature variations and the grain of the glass developed in the...
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    Crimping Connectors

    I have found so many poorly done crimps that I have become a believer that proper crimping is a fundamental part of professional fireplace service.

    I have spent more hours, than I care to admit,...
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    I am in the spider web camp also

    I have found that if you have seen spiders in the burner area they may very likely be everywhere. I had the same problem last week and did all the tests and checks the group has said already. I...
  10. LCD flat panel with a never ending image

    of a fire. Oh yea and by the way they will put one of those cadet heaters behind it add the final use.... HEAT. This is coming, I fear

    Hey. so where is the school to fix them thar flat TV's...
  11. NO it was Groucho Marx.

    Yea, now I remember.
  12. Mark Twain said it best

    I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.

    Are we taking our selves too seriously?
  13. I think so

    It would look a lot different. I would guess you would need an inducer and certainly a secondary heat exchanger, Collector box, Condensate pump.

    I can see this being "theoreticaly" possible. ...
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    Tempered Glass does shatter

    I have this happen to me about 1-2 times a year. it usually happens a short time after it has been run after servicing. Yes, uneven stressing around the perimeter can contribute to the glass...
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    She was startled by that Hearty laugh of yours. ...

    She was startled by that Hearty laugh of yours.
    I know you are now wondering, Does this guy know me?
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    The Pilot was cycling several times before the...

    The Pilot was cycling several times before the main gas would remain on. I found about 1 micro amp before I cleaned the sensors at the pilot. It then went up to about 4-7 and did not fail again.
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    Dexen Modules

    I have seen a lot of these modules. They are the green ones that Heat n Glow and Hetilator use on there electronic ignition units.

    Dexen Industires, Wiring GM-6KA.

    How many mico amps do...
  18. This is the buddy of Seattle Pioneer. I...

    This is the buddy of Seattle Pioneer.

    I would only add that I smash (very hard) the pipe cleaner with a hand seamer. This is a tool use by sheet metal guys in the field. I have a theory that...
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