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  1. Recommendation for Stand Alone Floor Standing DX Aircon portable units

    Does anyone has recommendation for stand alone floor standing DX air con portable units?

    Heard there are some sources from China but not sure if the quality is up to the standards.
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    Thanks for your reply... but I thought this forum...

    Thanks for your reply... but I thought this forum is a place for discussion and a place for everyone to learn about HVAC systems?

    3 chillers, 2 on, 1 standby, all chillers take turn to operate...
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    York Chillers Surging

    I have 3 York Centrifugal water-cooled chillers... 2 running and 1 stand-by.

    Chiller 1 keeps surging, raising from 60% to peak load of 90% and then unload again back to 60% within 1 minute. The...
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