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  1. Poll: Coil question still remains

    Thanks Stan.

    I'd still like to know more about whether that Goodman U-49 coil is too big for a 2.5 ton a.c, and whether it would have to be replaced to convert to R410a, but it is accessible...
  2. Poll: Coil Brand

    The coil brand is Goodman, model U-49, the part number is 15342-44. It also says "design pressure 90 psig, factory test pressure 150 psig."

    The serial number on the coil begins with 99 and the...
  3. Poll: Didn't see anything useful there

    Thanks, but that website told me nothing about the technical issues I raised about whether a lineset/coil installed for R22 could be used for R410 by this "adapter valve" my second contractor talked...
  4. Poll: Variable speed w/older furnace? Can a new R22 coil/lineset convert to R410 w/a valve?

    I just had three contractors bid on putting in central AC. All three contractors came up with very different bids with different sizes and details, and I am asking your help figuring them out as I...
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