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  1. I found a source, they have 3/4 and 1 inch wide...

    I found a source, they have 3/4 and 1 inch wide and they come in 4 footers and 8 footers. Woohoo!
  2. OK, after doing more research I found another...

    OK, after doing more research I found another manual for something similar and according to the manual, SH means sensor shorted and the 2 I would guess means sensor number 2 is shorted. parts?
  3. Sanyo Single door freezer, Model SRR-23FD won't run "SH2" on led display

    I can't seem to find any info on this thing.This is the second one of these lab units I have encountered with very little info available. One is in a pizza shop and the other one is in a guys house...
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, I was thinking about...

    Thanks for the suggestions, I was thinking about the new door route
  5. Old "Capitol" walk in freezer door frame heater

    walk in was removed from and old fire hall and relocated to a restaurant. The door frame heater strip is missing at the threshold. Looks like the way it was installed on the sides of the door frame...
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    I always carry a Q3400A1024 and if it doesn't...

    I always carry a Q3400A1024 and if it doesn't glow on call for heat I plug in the new one and if it glows, replace it. If it doesn't glow and you have 24 volts coming to valve from four pin...
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    Micro amp readings Blue Angel HSG-400

    Intermittent lockout, have yet to be able to catch it failing. It's installed in a piece of tractor trailer washing equipment.

    Manual says a minimum of .8 and steady or higher. I have about...
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    My Ruud distributor has been selling ADP coils...

    My Ruud distributor has been selling ADP coils for the last 2 years to match up perfectly with Ruud units
  9. What am I missing, Cleaning flame sensor on Bryant 350 MAV

    This has got to be the biggest pain in the butt I've ever experienced when addressing a "burner shuts off" problem.

    Is there an easier way to get to the flame sensor than by cursing at it as you...
  10. As a side note, I do think the "generic" factory...

    As a side note, I do think the "generic" factory replacement heater was too much heat generated and that's why it was 20% of the cost of the exact factory replacement. I usually opt for factory...
  11. I installed a rheostat and that successfully...

    I installed a rheostat and that successfully controlled the amount of heat in the frame heater. In my opinion there is no way to have installed the frame heater 2 times and have it nicked in the same...
  12. Kolpak Walk in freezer door frame heaer and gasket too hot

    This freezer is located at a Dunkin Donuts and was broken for a couple years before the owners asked me to rehab it. Lat thing to do was replace the door frame heater and gasket. There is no model...
  13. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it! The...

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!

    The first thing I checked was the oven door switch, I was hoping it would be that easy!
  14. Never mind

    Customer is getting a new range
  15. Need wiring diagram for a Vulcan 36LC- one on kickplate is unreadable

    Convection oven won't come on and I need the wiring diagram to figure out where the problem is.
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    Than ks for the reply!

    I appreciate your confirmation on what was about the only choice I had left.

    Thanks again
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    Royal Range- non convection oven issue

    The other day the customer said they were baking a turkey in the oven and it apparently boiled over and knocked out the pilot light. Now they can't get it to stay lit. I went over and the pilot light...
  18. head room

    The unit has a counter built on top of it, but I think I can slide it out and take the top off, I think the water and drain are connected with flexible tubing.

    Thanks for the info!
  19. 20 yr old Hoshizaki F250-BAE flaker- gray ice and has anybody ever replaced...

    The mechanical seal and o rings?

    Called tech support today after the customer called and said their ice maker was making a funny noise and had not made any ice all night. I told them to unplug it...
  20. Mission completed! What a pain in the butt! After...

    Mission completed! What a pain in the butt! After I finally got the flat top griddle unstuck from the frame it was on and vacuumed up the burnt crap I was able to see where the temp probe went into...
  21. I have the gas control valve already

    The model number really doesn't matter now, when I talked to Royal they gave me the info I needed to get the right part, I verified it by visual observation and now I just need to know how to access...
  22. Royal Range need to replace oven control, questions

    Has anybody done this before? This is a flat top on the left side with a conventional oven and a stove on the right side with a convection oven. Sorry, no model number, and I called Royal when I was...
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    starting with head off

    I was thinking about doing that, but didn't....didn't know if it would hurt anything or not....Thanks for the info!!
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    I replaced the valve plate and that fixed it,...

    I replaced the valve plate and that fixed it, works fine and 100% quieter. Could not see any actual broken parts.
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    Copeland K Body compressor excessive vibration

    Compressor model number KAJB-010E-CAV-100.

    Customer calls the other day and says the walk in freezer is making a lot of noise. I get there and it seems to be vibrating excessively. The front right...
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    Update- got the proper type tubing for the pumps...

    Update- got the proper type tubing for the pumps and then used poly tubing to go to the containers and dishwasher. Now I have no back feeding. looks like the surgical type tubing acts as a check...
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    Update- After stopping over this afternoon I...

    Update- After stopping over this afternoon I discovered the following:
    There is nothing connected to the pumps.

    I ran new tubing from the detergent pump to the lower rear connector and into the...
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    Hobart LX30 dishwasher- chemical feed problem

    Customer calls and says the chemicals don't feed, in fact the water from the dw is going into the containers. I stop over to look and there is no PRV. I tell the customer to have whoever hooked up...
  29. Used Kysor multi deck cases- I need to identify model to install properly

    A small grocery store(owned by people from a foreign country) bought 3-12 foot used sections and they want me to put them together and get a condensing unit for them. I told them I need a model...
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    Thanks so much for the information, it was...

    Thanks so much for the information, it was extremely educational. I knew the basics about these kinds of controls, but your info has added to my knowledge!

    Thanks again,

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    Here is a short video of the burner, and I have...

    Here is a short video of the burner, and I have it turned up to 500. The oven was not running at all prior to me arriving so the only heat in the oven was from the pilot light....
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    The oven was working fine a few months ago and all the top six burners burn fine. I did take a short video of it, but I don't have time to post it right now.. maybe in the AM. But the flames barely...
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    Vulcan 36L Oven control?

    I have a Vulcan 6 burner stove with oven and I'm having trouble with a low flame in the oven and it takes forever obviously to bake anything. This is NOT a convection oven. I'm making the assumption...
  34. Got the new plug today and Voila! it works!

    Got the new plug today and Voila! it works!
  35. Ruud Commercial gas pack 7.5t RKNL- factory miswiring?

    Went to start up the AC on a unit unit I installed last November and it would not come on. I had 24 volts leaving the unit and heading toward the economizer, but that was not installed. The jumper...
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    Just emailed them, they are sending me the wiring diagram

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    Funny how we are having similar problem with R22...

    Funny how we are having similar problem with R22 as we are with 22LR
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    Need wiring diagram/shotgun for True T-24GC

    Correction- TRUE-The evap fan is not running and it killed the compressor. There is no power to the evap fan and I need to find and verify any components that break the fan circuit. I can't believe...
  39. I truly appreciate your input, thanks for taking...

    I truly appreciate your input, thanks for taking the time to reply. This machine is approximately 10 years old. I agree Hobart stuff seems to be around forever, but it would be nice to have a...
  40. Hobart AM-14 Dishwasher Motor- alternatives to Hobart?

    I have a customer that has an AM14 Dishwasher and some stuff I work on and other stuff I let Hobart do it. Their pump motor is in the process of dying and I told them to call Hobart, because They...
  41. What I figured

    I was thinking it would be something like that.... oh well... the machine is almost 20 years old... time for a new one.
  42. Hoshizaki KM-800MRE- evaporator tubing seperating from cube grid?

    I have a Hoshizaki ice machine that seems to be flooding the compressor. Can someone tell me how the evaporator tubing is attached to the stainless steel cube surface? It appears as though the "cube...
  43. Stupid question about replace manual valve on Star Griddle 648M

    I am going to be replacing a the right side on-off valve on a Star Griddle, model 648M and I was wondering, since the valves are screwed into the top of the manifold and there is a bracket welded to...
  44. Upgrading walk in coolers- reasonable alternatives-questions

    I have a customer with 2 30k walk in coolers, one was r12 converted to 409a and the other is R22. Both are at least 20 years old. Both have been experiencing problems due to age. I would like to...
  45. After further investigation- Problem solved!

    Sometimes with these kinds of problems I'm hesitant to just start tearing things apart for fear of something falling apart or whatever. And then not having any info on the unit,trying to figure how...
  46. I got it open, but I had to uses a small pipe...

    I got it open, but I had to uses a small pipe wrench on it. I saw there are replacement parts, which include 2 set screws a ball bearing and a spring. I pulled the existing set screws out but it did...
  47. Hobart 84145 Buffalo Chopper- unable to open it

    Customer called and wants to clean their buffalo chopper.I stopped in to look and the handle that opens it will not move. Opened from underneath and really can't see anything other than how the...
  48. Superior model DS-41TN- limit switch is open- where is it?

    This unit is in a restaurant. The unit won't fire till I bypass the 2 wires that go up the left side of the unit. Must be a limit switch somewhere that is open. I was hoping to look at a diagram of...
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    MagiKitch'n MKG36 Griddle thermostat issue

    Having problems getting the griddle to go above 325. Cook says stuff takes much longer to grille on this thing ever since they got it used. Checked to make sure it wasn't an LP unit hooked to gas ,...
  50. Update- It was the valve plate. I pulled the head...

    Update- It was the valve plate. I pulled the head and there was a piece of gasket material stuck in the spring valve, After replacing the valve plate I fired it up and it started working as it was...
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