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  1. best procedure to turn a large air cooled remote condenser

    Good morning to everyone.
    Last week I had to go to a remote rural area in order to inspect some new equipment which is to be installed in a refrigerated wharehouse. One of the equipments is a large...
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    Good evening to all. Talking about P traps at the...

    Good evening to all. Talking about P traps at the top of risers: if it were a discharge line riser instead of a suction line riser, with the piping going, immediately after the riser, to the remote...
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    inverted trap on top of suction risers

    Good evening to everyone.
    I`m quite familiar with the use and purpose of oil traps at the bottom of suction risers, and every other 15 feet, in order to make sure the oil returns to the compressor....
  4. One more thought about the piping being installed...

    One more thought about the piping being installed through the inside of the walk-in: the supports and hangers for the pipes most likely would have bolts going all the way through the walls and...
  5. Thank you icemeister. I think that my friend`s...

    Thank you icemeister. I think that my friend`s rule comes from this manual.
  6. best separation between evaporator return side and walk-in wall

    I`ve trying to find a rule of thumb in regards to the best separation (distance) between the return side of a forced air type evaporator and the walk-in freezer wall, so that an efficient air flow is...
  7. correct layout of refrigeration piping in walk-in freezer

    Good evening to everyone.
    Most of the time I see that in walk-in freezers, the suction and liquid lines connected to the evaporator go immediately up and through the ceiling panel, exiting the...
  8. Thank you very much for your time and...

    Thank you very much for your time and suggestions. Just two comments:
    1. I forgot to tell you that the walk-in is not of the cam-lock (I researched it is a kind of securing device) type but rather...
  9. suggestions on correct procedure in prefab walk-in assembly

    Good evening to all.
    This is my first post in your forum. I'm a novice HVACR technician just out of technical college. Currently working for a frozen food importer and distributor. I hope to be able...
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