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    Thanks, Ben. That is my plan. I looked at the...

    Thanks, Ben. That is my plan. I looked at the wiring they did to the outside unit. They only used two of the five wires coming from the furnace control board: a red wire connecting Y/Y2 on the...
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    New Carrier System: No Stage 1 cooling?

    Here is my new system:
    Condenser: 24ACB736A003
    Coil: CSPHP4212ATA
    Furnace: 58PHA090-16 Furnace
    Thermostat: Honeywell 8000 (Model TH8321U)

    I was pitched this system as "enhanced humidity...
  3. Not constantly on but pretty near. The fan is...

    Not constantly on but pretty near. The fan is set to "Auto". As I mentioned above I'm running in "Permanent Hold" system mode until we decide on programming. I just can't wrap my head around the...
  4. A Couple of Questions About Humidity Control

    My new system:
    Condenser: Carrier 24ACB736A003 (two stage)
    Coil: Carrier CSPHP4212ATA
    Furnace: Carrier 58PHA090-16 Furnace (ECM motor)
    Media Filter: Honeywell F100
    Thermostat: Honeywell...
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    Why not Infinity?

    I've been getting bids from local Carrier dealers to replace my 14 year old 3-ton Bryant split-system here in the ever hot and humid southeast Texas area. I've kinda got my mind made up to go with...
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