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  1. The Transformer is 24V. If it makes you feel...

    The Transformer is 24V. If it makes you feel better the install was done by my brother who is a tin basher. He just doesn't know the product very well and he was just in town for an hour.
  2. Install help - Ecobee Smart Si on a fan coil system

    I bought an Eco Bee Smart Si Thermostat. The system is an AE -Air fan coil running on the building's cold and hot water loops. The only control I have in the system is opening and closing the...
  3. Fan Coil always running & humidity control issues

    I bought a newer condo (2007 concrete 4 story building) last year and it has a fan-coil system above the ceiling, and uses the hot/cold water lines in the building to heat cool. There is a...
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