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  1. Re: Closed thread of "which Honeywell aquastat"

    I understand your DIY issues. But for the record, I have been in the plumbing/water conditioning industry since 1977. I am a Level 6 Water Specialist covering point of use/point of entry...
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    Which Honeywell aquastat?

    I have just bought a house with an oil fired, hot water boiler. It has 3 zones, controlled by zone valves, one of them being for the Phase 3 hot water tank. When any zone valve opens, the signal from...
  3. Teddy Bear, Thank you for taking the time to...

    Teddy Bear,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions.

  4. Possible problem with LG LHD65 dehumidifier

    Not sure if this is the site to ask my questions and I'm not even sure a problem exists, but......Bought my first dehunidifier 2 months ago. Unit works well. It's installed on a shelf in basement of...
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