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  1. Replacement recommendation for leaking evap coil

    Hello. I have a leaky evaporator coil (I can even hear the refrigerant hissing out of it). Could someone recommend a replacement model number. Seems like it would be risky trying to have someone...
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    After arguing with the service manager about this...

    After arguing with the service manager about this call, he agreed "to make the call go away" with not so best wishes that someone else can make me happy. I have someone else coming out tomorrow pm.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I left a message for...

    Thanks for the feedback. I left a message for the owner and service manager. I haven't heard back yet, but I'm calling a different company out anyway. I'm going to ask for my money back--seems...
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    Evap coil freezing

    Hello. I have a 5 ton carrier infinity system that has an evaporator freezing problem. I had a technician out today who said the refrigerant charge is low (maybe a couple of lbs) and refused to fix...
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