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  1. where is the Indoor Supply-Air Temperature...

    where is the Indoor Supply-Air Temperature measured from?
  2. I paid for an AC tuneup and they wrote "Return...

    I paid for an AC tuneup and they wrote "Return air temp at the evaporator coil dry bulb 71, Supply air temp 2nd stage 56". La Mesa humidity right now 30%.

    Yea, it's hot up in the attic and my...
  3. Central Air Conditioner Big Enough for San Diego?

    I own a 1200 sf house (built in 1955) located in La Mesa, CA. The previous owner installed central air including a Trane XB10 (2TTB0036A1), 10 SEER, 36,000 BTU outside fan/condenser unit...
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    Honeywell CT87K Cycle Adjustment

    I just bought a Honeywell CT87K to replace the one I had previously. I have an old "Night & Day" gas heater from the 70s. I notice that it turns on and off every few minutes. I read that you can...
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