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    Thanks for the info so far, it has been helpful....

    Thanks for the info so far, it has been helpful. This is a house in GA, north of Atlanta. Summers always get into the 90's with high humidity, usually hitting 100 for a few days each year. Winters...
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    Is it big enough?

    We're looking at a house we'd like to buy, but I'm concerned the HVAC may not be adequate. I realize there are a ton (no pun intended) of variables in sizing a system, but I'd like to give a...
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    Thanks for the info. The reason I asked the...

    Thanks for the info. The reason I asked the question is related to equipment. With soldering (sweating in the plumber's world I come from), all you need is a cheap propane torch, which I have on...
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    Braze/solder question

    Pardon me if this isn't the right forum--I'm a newbie and admit it. Please redirect me if needed...

    I'm taking my HVAC class that leads to the EPA test, so I'm new at all this stuff--even though I...
  5. Sticky: Hooo-boy, flying condensers? I'm over my head...

    Hooo-boy, flying condensers? I'm over my head already.

    BTW, I just passed my first HVAC lesson test--aced it.
  6. Sticky: Intro

    Well, I did it -- I took the first real step into the HVAC field. Yesterday I signed up for an online course at Ashley College to get my HVAC certification.

    I'll probably get kicked for revealing...
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