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  1. an old trick

    Dont use oil to apply your new gaskets. Most of us learned to soak our gaskets in oil before applying them. Years after learning this I learned sometimes its the use of oil when installing new...
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    just some clarification........

    What is "drop leg" refering to exactly?
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    Oil is in good shape. The oil level in the...

    Oil is in good shape. The oil level in the resevoir comes and goes. For the most part it is the second ball floating about half full. Its been about a month since my last visit to this rack but I...
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    Rack System Oil resevoir

    I have not been able to spend time on this rack or two that seem to be trying to tell me there may be an issue.
    Most of the racks I deal with have a superior or henry oil seperator feeding the oil...
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