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  1. Tools

    Thanks for the tips.

    I'm still wondering about all the varieties of recovery devices. I found out that you need a dedicated recovery machine. Any agreement on something small, quality, and...
  2. Further along in buying things

    I've bought many of the commonly used tools now, but there are a few that I'm not going to invest in until the need arises.

    They are a vacuum pump, a recovery machine and a recovery tank.

  3. Replies

    Just a beginner

    Even though I am just a beginner in A/C, I do understand what you are saying due to my 45 years of previous mechanical experience.

    Let's see if anybody chimes in on this interesting procedure.
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    So which is available or better

    I read through this entire thread and didn't find my answer.

    Are mercury manometers available and at what cost to measure vacuum down to what would be 500 microns?

    Or what is the alternate...
  5. Tools

    Is the other side of the fitting female threaded?

    Also, if I were to use the hoses for R22 and 134A, are the oils compatable, or should I keep the hoses separate?

    Any suggestions on a vacuum...
  6. Tools

    As one vet to another, thank you for your service. My son just got out after 10 years and works in DC.

    I may be in luck. I have a UEi DL250 meter. It has a K type thermocouple tester, if I can...
  7. Seeking advice on tools

    Thanks for the advice so far. I am open to any further suggestions for model recommendations of the three tools I need. I have the hand tools already.

    I work for a boiler and furnace...
  8. Started schooling and seeking tool recommendations

    Hello all, Just started basic A/C training and I need the following tools for the course. A refrigeration manifold and low loss hoses for R-22, an electronic thermometer, and a psychrometer.

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