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  1. New HVAC Unit

    Is it normal or an A/C to run 7 hours without shutting down? When the temperature outside hits 98, it runs all day.
  2. New HVAC Unit

    Last year I had a company come out and add insulation to the attic and I bought the seals for electrical outlets and installed them. It has made a dramatic improvement. Now when I set the temperature...
  3. New HVAC unit

    I apologize for asking a question.
    3 three years ago I had the unit replaced and trusted a contractor that installed 3.5 Ton condensor coil, 4 ton evaporator, and 3.5 ton furnace. Now my A/C turns...
  4. New HVAc unit for 1700 sq foot home in South Texas

    I am going to purchase a new HVAC unit. I have some quotes from different contractors. I am not sure which is the better unit. Avergae summer temp. is about 105. Winter lasts 3 days of 28 if your...
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