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    Okay. Thanks everyone for helping me out with...

    Okay. Thanks everyone for helping me out with this and confirming the age! I really appreciate your time!
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    Looking for help Identifying Furnace Age

    Hello everyone,

    First off thanks for any time and effort reading and posting a response here for me. I'm in the middle of buying a home and negotiating after a home inspection. The furnace an...
  3. Thanks. Oh yeah it needs to be replaced along...

    Thanks. Oh yeah it needs to be replaced along with the a/c. I'm also curious about the AFUE rating for something this old. Would you be able to find that out or give me an estimate by any chance? ...
  4. Help, Trying to find specs for an old trane furnace

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone can direct me to a specs page for my furnace, or be able to get me the info. I recently bought a home and am wondering if more info is available about my unit. I'm...
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    Can't Find Specs for an Old Trane Furnace!

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forums and new to home ownership. My house was build in 84 and I think it has the original furnace(not sure because I purchase a foreclosure). I was just curious to read...
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