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  1. not sure what u have is it gas or electric unsure...

    not sure what u have is it gas or electric unsure why anyone would put in a furnace with heat pump combo, only if it is electric would i put in a heat pump go with a two stage varible speed unit...
  2. burners jumping around

    be careful on the air intake have had problem with bryant furnaces in the past alot of carrier style furnaces have a comb disc on intake side of furnace if that is missing the air coming into the...
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    union near oshawa,ontario

    just wondering if anyone knows how to get into union near oshawa ontario am just getting out of sub contracting looking to get into bigger and better things.
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    looking for work

    currently 11 yrs service experience in residential have residential license currently looking for work in commercial or residential in toronto or greater toronto area am currently living close to...
  5. jobs

    living in oshawa, ontario looking for anyone up this way?
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