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  1. My concern is damaging my compressor, which I...

    My concern is damaging my compressor, which I don't believe is addressed in the Ecobee instructions.
  2. Ecobee Reverse Staging with Carrier Performance 2-stage scroll compressor


    I have a Carrier 4-ton Performance 2-stage scroll compressor and variable speed air handler. I replaced the Edge thermostat with an Ecobee, and am working on finding the best Cooling...
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    Techtanium Indirect DHW Heaters

    Does anyone have experience with Techtanium indirect water heaters by Diversified heat transfer. My plumber says they have been making commercial products for 50+ years, and even though they have...
  4. I will post pictures tonight

    I will post pictures tonight
  5. Upgrade to Indirect DHW using existing boiler

    I would like to replace a 14 year old Rheem gas water heater with a new indirect DHW using my existing Burnham Series 2 boiler (80.2% efficient according to the sticker). I have had 4 professionals...
  6. I did a little more research and think it may be...

    I did a little more research and think it may be better to go with a Carrier Performance Series (FE4) or a Trane 4TEE with an ecobee thermostat for each zone. With both of these I will get the...
  7. Central AC with Baseboard Heat using single thermostat per zone

    I recently purchased my first house, a 2,400 sq. ft. high ranch and will be doing interior renovation shortly. The house is currently heated by two zones of hydronic heat with a burnham 80% AFUE...
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