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  1. Charging a Trane Mode # SWUD Commercial Air Handler Unit

    Hello I recently became a building engineer (I was a residential service technician) and I have to charge a 15 ton compressor that holds 27lbs of refrigerant. This is new to me as I am use to...
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    Thanks for the info ControlsinMT I am actually in...

    Thanks for the info ControlsinMT I am actually in the process now and submitted my application for pro. Just waiting to hear back from the administrator.
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    Question about charging a unit

    I have a question about charging a large commercial hvac unit. I have now become a commercial building engineer at this point of my career (I was a residential hvac technician) and notice that these...
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    Removing filter drier properly

    Just a question about removing a filter drier. Do you techs think it is better to cut the filter drier off with tubing cutters or just unbraze it directly off the coupling? I have heard it is bad to...
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    Questions about NIULPE License

    I recently got my NIULPE Class 4 Power Engineer's license. Does it have any actual worth?? I'm trying to get my DC 3rd Steam Engineers License but I was wondering what you all think about NIULPE.
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    Well I finally figured out what this is...

    Well I finally figured out what this is a relief valve to prevent overcharging the system with refrigerant. This is a commercial Air Handler Unit and holds around 100 lbs of refrigerant (4...
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    Trane package air handler unit

    I have a question, I noticed my compressors in my air handler units have some type of relief valve connected to the hot gas discharge line leaving the compressor. It tee's off to another copper line...
  8. What does the 2nd TXV in a heatpump in heating mode do?

    I was wondering what the TXV going into the condenser does when the heatpump is in heating mode. I know the evaporation coil has hot gas and is subcooled by the cold it absorbs, so it returns to the...
  9. Question about removing acid from a system when a compressor burns out

    Hello I have a question about what is the best way to remove acid from an ac system. I usually install a suction line filter drier after replacing the acidic oil with fresh new oil and have to return...
  10. Question about Water Source Heatpumps

    Hello, I have a question about charging water source heatpumps. I have a lot experience charging air-source heatpumps but none with water source. My question is this: How do I know if I have a proper...
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    CFM Question

    I have a customer that wants to install 2 kitchen hood grills, there currently is a 22"x20" base building grease duct for future tenants. What would be the maximum amount of CFM you could put in that...
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    Thanks you're right hvacsolutions won't help them is time, but I will recommend to the owner to install tint. I'll look at the 3M. Thank you.
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    Airflow in Restaurant

    Hello I have a question. I went to a restaurant that doesn't get enough cooling in the area near the windows facing the street. They have no blinds or tint so when the sun is out the front part of...
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    Question about commmercial unit

    I was working on an hvac unit at a restaurant and the units don't seem to be keeping up with the load the restaurant has when it is full. There are around 70 people and the place is 77 degrees. My...
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    Makeup air unit....

    I have a question, doesn't an outside makeup air unit just bring in hot air in the summer? I know the makeup air unit helps when more air is needed but doesn't it make the space even hotter? I would...
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    Question about a kitchen hood

    I went to a restaurant yesterday because they complained the temperature in the restaurant and I noticed the restaurant is in a huge negative static pressure, the doors will not close from so much...
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    Also I would think the engineer that designed the...

    Also I would think the engineer that designed the cabinet would add that U shaped heating element to prevent condesation from accumulating in the pan as it has, why don't they just put an element in...
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    Thanks ECtofix you got it right, I see a pleated...

    Thanks ECtofix you got it right, I see a pleated "wick" acutally about 5 wicks in order in the pan but it just seems so odd that the pan would be full to the brim. I would expect the wick to...
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    Question about reach in cabinet

    Today I was looking at a reach in cabinet that stays around 40 degrees constantly. The problem is not the temperature but I noticed the condensate pan does not have a heating element that evaporates...
  20. Question about static pressure in a restaurant

    Hello, I was at a restaurant today and the restaurant is in a big negative. The doors won't even close due to such negative static pressure. The original mechanical contractor did not install a...
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    R 421 A Refrigerant

    What do you guys think of this new R421A refrigerant that is much cheaper than R22 ? Does it work just as good? Just wondering if anyone has used it since I am considering using it since it is half...
  22. How to charge a vending machine compressor

    Hello everyone the question I have is this: A guy wants me to charge his vending machines, but I have never charged vending machines. What is the best way to charge vending machines properly? I know...
  23. Low coolant can do a few things, first it can...

    Low coolant can do a few things, first it can overheat your compressor but your compressor probably has an internal overload so your unit will just cut off when it begins to run and starts to get too...
  24. Reach in drain pan keeps filling up with water

    Hello I'm working on a reach in and the drain pan just keeps filling up with water. The inital problem was that the heating element shaped like a W was full or rust, it's an old unit. I cleaned the...
  25. what if there already is refrigerant in the...

    what if there already is refrigerant in the system, is there a way of just adding instead of recovering it all and putting it back in? it's a cap tube style system.
  26. it's a 36 year old unit would it be sensitive to...

    it's a 36 year old unit would it be sensitive to additional amperage draw on a higher hp motor?
  27. Hey Stonwallred everything is the same on the...

    Hey Stonwallred everything is the same on the motor except the hp and the ambient temp on the motor. Would the hp have something to do with it?
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    Could be a king valve has happened to me before

    I had an issue where one of my king valves was bleeding off refrigerant once the pressure got about 250 psi. I would check the valve and see if it bleeds once the pressure on your nitrogen bottle...
  29. How do I properly charge a reach in cooler

    My question is that my boss told me the proper way to charge a reach in cooler is to make sure the ambient temperature inside the reach in cooler is 10* above the evaporator coil tempreature. So for...
  30. Condenser fan motor keeps cutting off after 45 minutes of running

    My friend has an old lennox unit, I just replaced the fan motor with a new one and it shuts off after about 45 minutes. The compressor keeps running but eventually shuts off. Whats going on? The only...
  31. Question about reachin cooler by True Manufacturing

    My question is this, my boss told me that the general rule to getting a proper charge on a reach in cooler is to read the evaporator coil temperature and just make sure that the ambient temperature...
  32. Thank you so much for the help, in this field it...

    Thank you so much for the help, in this field it is true we all cannot know it all. thanks again.
  33. Question about reach in fridge by True Manufacturing

    Hi I have a question I'm trying to charge a reach in but was wondering what the temperature inside the box should be compared to the evap coil temperature. The evap coil temperature is 35 F so what...
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