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  1. Poll: are techs disposable

    yep got that right they are desparate in summer and dont care in winter my buddy got a truck with a bad transmission in it when he got the truck its been in the shop over a week and they dont care if...
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    disposalable techs

    alot of companies look at techs as disposable dont sweat it get trained and start your own business it aint rocket science
  3. Poll: do companys care or are techs disposable

    I wondering if there are any companies out there that care about the techs anymore?If work slows down your out of luck or if the van needs a new transmission your out of luck lack of work no pay in...
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    trane sale

    dou you guys that own stock in trane think its a good deal?
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    trane sold

    wonder how this will affect techs in the field?????? employed by non-union shops
  6. hershey moving to mexico

    it amazes me how companies moving operations to mexico like hershey chocolate while other companies like H.J heinz stays in pittsburgh with good profits sounds like corporate greed to me call hershey...
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    heil tempstar

    trailer units heil tempstar
  8. nice one

    nice one how fast were they going? nice one tony the trixster
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