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  1. Ok, I will search for algorithms. Thanks,

    Ok, I will search for algorithms.

  2. Solved, Voltage Va-n (Siemens Sentron PAC...


    Voltage Va-n (Siemens Sentron PAC 3200) Quick Builder Adress : 00003 IEEEFP
  3. Modbus TCP (SENTRON PAC 3200) and SymmetrE R410.2


    I try to integrate a power meter (Siemens Sentron PAC 3200) to SymmetrE R410.2. The power meter has Modbus TCP communication. I create the channel and the controller in Quick Builder and...
  4. Scaling a point value in Quick Builder (SymmetrE R410.2)


    Please help me with the steps necessary in order to scale a value of a point in Quick Builder.
    As example: I have the frequency value (from a modbus Channel/Controller/Analog Point) who's...
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