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  1. fresh air intake on whole house dehumidifier

    So based on research here I have added a whole home dehumidifier. It has the option of fresh air intake. I didn't have that part installed initially cause we were residing the house in that area...
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    whole house dehumidifier cost.

    I am looking at the 90 pint by either Aprilaire or Honeywell. The HVAC company we used has quoted me $ installed. I know I can buy it for around ****** Does that sound right for installed cost? Cab...
  3. test revealed insualtion(glass) particles in air

    So I have been battling air quality issues since moving in. Working on getting humidity under control. I had air samples taken to look for mold which I had but it also nonoted that there was...
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    Thanks TB. I should mention that my home is three...

    Thanks TB. I should mention that my home is three split levels. The lowest level would be the easiest to add a return to. Would that still dehumidify the whole house? Wasn't sure if the circulating...
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    whole house dehumidifier install question

    First post here. I appreciate all the great info.
    Just bought a house and once moved in instantly had allergy issues. The AC was shot anyway so we replaced it with a new Trane unit. Despite this...
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