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    Geocomfort (made by Water Furnace I think)makes a...

    Geocomfort (made by Water Furnace I think)makes a unit that would have an electric heater installed by the dealer. The system would be substantially more than a gas furnace but get a quote from your...
  2. I would first speed the evaporator fan up a speed...

    I would first speed the evaporator fan up a speed if possible to do less dehumidification. To my knowledge you will probably have to have a seperate control if you want the humidifier to run with the...
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    geo replacement system

    [QUOTE=kjander;1930521]I am pulling a boiler and radiator system and replacing it with a forced air system. I am interested in a geothermal heat pump down the road but have many other projects we...
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    possible ozone?

    There is a small amout of ozone that could be produced with a EAC. I would install a media filter and an UV air purifier to clean and purify the air in your home. Mantenance is less and I believe the...
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    cleaning the air

    Remember purifying and filtering are two different things. You probably want to make sure you do both. I would look at they have portable UV air purifiers as well as combination UV...
  6. indoor air quality

    I would look at a UV system ( to purify alot of the things you are worried about. Also look at installing a HEPA filter as well.
    The brand of heating system would not matter that...
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