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  1. Thirsty for Knowledge? Here's your answer !!!

    I recommend going to ebay or amazon and buying yourself the latest edition of "Modern Refrigeration". It is the best place to start and it will address, if not answer, anything you want to know...
  2. I would love to attend the next HVAC-Talk...

    I would love to attend the next HVAC-Talk Convention. It would be good to meet people from the forum and make the human connection. I find conversation and the exchange of ideas more fluid. I like...
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    Breaking in to the industry

    There are a few ways to go about breaking in to the HVAC industry. You said you have 25 years experience in the work force. So doing like I did and joining the military to get your training is not...
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    Job Dissatisfaction

    I hear what you are saying about being tied of the B.S. at your job. Another poster said it "There is BS with every job" and boy I know this first hand. I have a low tolerance for B.S. and have...
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