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  1. Insulated except underside of concrete slab as...

    Insulated except underside of concrete slab as front porch, I will have an in and out air vent. box is to be used year round coil will be on temp control to kick in when natural cooling does not...
  2. Hey guys long time ! building walk in in my new house any recommendations

    I have a cold room under my new front porch. its awful cold up here but in the summers the cold room is not so cold. I was pondering installing an evap and condensing unit in this space as it is...
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    I used to put vib pads but these but with mits...

    I used to put vib pads but these but with mits units you almost need an amprobe to verify they are on. As for the electrical between indoor and outdoor (communication line) on mits this line in...
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    thanks guys

    We are staying at the marriott near the hockey arena. Thats all I know. I appreciate all the info. And beware I will be checking out all your work, i cant help myself checking out the mechanical...
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    Pittsburgh for the weekend need help

    Hey guys Im flying into pittsburgh for two pens games on the feb 10-11-12- weekend . is there any thing you would highly recommend doing. Restaurants we should hit. These are four 35 year old guys...
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    DX geothermal what do you think

    licensed refrigeration guy here installed a bunch of pump and dump geo units with lots of success. I am building my own house and was thinking out options for heating /cooling i was looking at my...
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    Nice job looks great

    like the checker plate gives a nice touch and such an easy addition to looks. I often tell my co workers the customer has no clue how great or efficient your job is but they do know when the floor...
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    keep an eye on it

    We installed one ps your job looks good, we were called back due to board clicking and not operating electric back up through outdoor sensor. My bro was on job and if you have probs post to me and...
  9. motion siren (visible)not noise

    we have motion and timer activated seagull in distress loud horns on some roofs here that have scared poop out of me. You would crap pants at night. maybe a motion detector hooked to police siren...
  10. havent done load calcs just starting with...

    havent done load calcs just starting with architect on size and layout. Will def need a/c it would be a sin to do hvac and not have the AC in own home. Also am planning on insulating very well. so...
  11. to think about

    I have been thinking about a water source heat pump that heated and cooled a storage tank either buried in yard or in house very well insulated. The liquid in tank would be heated and cooled at...
  12. what would you do? hvac install in own home

    Building in the next year trying to figure out the best system for our home we are building hoping to stay there for the duration. We will have a well insulated house ranch style with some passive...
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    what should we do in chicago

    4 guys heading south prob for penguins game fri , bluejckets sun was curious what we should do downtown chicago saturday and sat night.thanks for any help
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    Carrier ac 80 ton condenser

    approx 10 year old carrier 80 ton condenser used only 1year then shutdown as customer went to 3 rooftops instead.. unit is 575 3 phase it might be 208 3 phase though I cant recall of hand and is on...
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    you wouldnt believe it

    I had a water valve on the roof of a new customer and tried hooking pressure washer to it turned it on to find refrigerant come out of it they did the same as yours on the receiver pressure relief...
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    nice work

    it takes a long time to properly map out all that stuff but its there forever as a co. we try to practice that same mentality ... your job is something for the rest of us to aspire to do... good job
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    ive seen way worse nice though

    i have a bar with an undercounter they leave the door open and the food slide through window is there all that stuff falls in they only call when it stops working. Ive had the sump completely full...
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    WHY oh WHY is it so hot inside

    85 degrees for a month very very humid , this place decided they didnt like the way the condensers looked so they built houses over the units these have been on for the entire summer couldnt tell...
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    that doesnt make it right

    I Guess (down there in the USA) they dont mind recklessly blowing that freezone stuff off,,,,, itll make a nice mix with the soup in the gulf
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    be responsible guys

    dumping refrig into a known leaking system is not right.... fix the leak ,,with the means we have today of finding them it is completely irresponsible (lazy) of the repair man to not fix it........I...
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    napolean outdoor (patio fireplace)

    has anyone seen one running Im a gasfitter and found them online thought it would be great on patio,,( could use during a fire ban) wanted to know how the flame is how it looks is it worth the...
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    shrimp yum yum

    we wrapped some shrimps with thinly sliced proscuitto ( a cured salty/sweet ham) and had a little dipping sauce I cant recall the sauce though ... the shrimps are cooked perfectly protected by the...
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    rubs rubs rubs

    do you guys have any great dry rubs.... ribs , chicken , etc if so id love to try some...... its finally bbq time up here
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    I appreciate all your opinions

    thanks alot guys I tried just throwing a cast iron smoke box on the burner of my bbq to test weather we liked the smoked taste etc ... Ive got the fam convinced and will purchase a smoker real soon...
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    I see this all the time up here I replaced a 100 year old boiler a while ago... rooftops plenty over 35 years it just blows my mind that the tenant has to pay to repair these units that the mall...
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