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  1. the guy said i don't have to pay until i'm fully satisfied

    i have paid him 1/3 so far... and he has been very conscious of doing the right thing so far.
    i hope he does the same when it comes to the liner

    he says he'll drain the condensate from the A/C to...
  2. Bayvent kit: yes its the chimney adapter kit

    this supposedly grabs more air from the furnace to pass through to the chimney to prevent condensation. (pros.. how far am I off on this simplistic explanation)

    they said the bend in the chimey is...
  3. thanks for the reply..i'm in Delaware

    yes. looks like the liner is either 5" or 6" - I'll check tomorrow. you are right the chimney is about 30' give or take a few.

    any ideas on how to get the liner in through a bend?
    there seems to...
  4. a/c is set on a new pad

    well the installer is the owner - its a small 3 employee company...

    the guy seems very professional and reliable - all the equipment is here exactly as promised and even a couple of free upgrades...
  5. laundry tub is on the other side of the house

    the liner looks like its 6" or 7" diameter - Zflex

    I now have a heat-pump and furnace - dual fuel setup - so they said they had to pull new wires.

    the water heater is a Ruud - RP40-30S-1 -...
  6. another question: the outdoor unit is not level at all

    the outdoor unit is not level slanted to one direction..

    when I asked the installer about it..
    he siad it shouldn't be level to prevent water collection...
    slanting it to one direction helps the...
  7. Hello all: the installers completed installing...

    Hello all:

    the installers completed installing most everything except the condensate pump, liner and humidifier. They are coming back tomorrow to complete these and also to properly setup the...
  8. thank you! that clears it up

    I called American Standard customer support and they didn't know for sure what this new model number was. They said it appears to be a new model number and they are going to lookup the nomenclature...
  9. Hello: My installers and the equipment is here...

    My installers and the equipment is here and they are installing now...

    but apparently they have switched the Gas Furnace to the following
    from what he quoted me on...
  10. hello all: Is American Standard Heritage 12...

    hello all:

    Is American Standard Heritage 12 heatpump 2A6H2036A comparable to Trane XR12: 2TWR2036A or XB12: 2TWB2036A?

    It'd be nice to know the equivalent Trane model for the AS equipment I'm...
  11. Hello all: I was just reviewing the American...

    Hello all:
    I was just reviewing the American Standard brochure on Freedom 80 furnace and the features list for the single stage does not include multi-speed blower whereas the dual stage...
  12. Replies

    thank you for the response

    yes.. what you said makes sense
    and that was what my contractor was suggesting too....
    "adding low returns in the basement to draw the cooler air"

    may be I typed incorrectly in my rush to type...
  13. thanks a lot! now I can trust my heater guy too

    thanks for clearing that up. my heater guy really is good.
  14. so only TXV* coils have expansion valves?

    In that case should I be asking him to add this to the configuruation? Is an expansion valve an addon - or is it part of the coil?

    I'm confused now.
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    Hello all: Thanks again for helping me all along...

    Hello all:
    Thanks again for helping me all along and this site is awesome...

    My contractor suggested adding low returns and making the high returns louvered in the basement to heat more evenly. ...
  16. Hello all: My contractor said I don't need a...

    Hello all:
    My contractor said I don't need a separate expansion valve because the coil TXCO36S3HPD already comes with one...
    but I see the expansion valve being referred to as TXV and was wondering...
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    Thank you all for helping me with the decision process

    couple of quick questions:

    which company makes the Vision Pro 8000 and what are the other brands it is sold as?

    Who makes the American Standard ACONT802 or 803 t-stats?
    and for my setup above...
  18. My contractor hasn't mentioned which 7-Day...

    My contractor hasn't mentioned which
    7-Day Programmable thermo-stat he was going to use...
    I'm trying to find out which would be more appropriate.

    ACONT802 (7-Day Digitial Programmable 3 Heat...
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    thaks again... what would most people do

    I wonder what do most people that don't know about this forum do...

    gez they fall under the "ignorance is bliss" category - nutil the repair bills mount and they just blame it on the brand name or...
  20. Thank you! this helped me greatly

    I told him I wanted to do the aluminum liner and not the Bayvent kit.

    Th 6-8% loss in efficiency would more than pay for the liner in the first year itself.
  21. Thanks a lot. That was very nice of you.

    thanks. this is awesome. way better than the Trane deal I was getting and at essentially the same price.
  22. Hello all: Following is my setup 80% furnace:...

    Hello all:
    Following is my setup
    80% furnace: AUD100C936K
    12SEER heat pump: 2A6H2036A1000A
    High efficiency coil: TXCO36S3HPD
    (The contractor said the above coil comes with an Expansion valve)...
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    what do you mean by "basic vent"?

    Trey: do you mean the bayvent system? or a basic aluminum liner? (this apparently has to be replaced every 10 years)

    or do you mean leave it as is - terracota lined. The chimney is kina wide...
  24. What is the loss in efficiency when using a...

    What is the loss in efficiency when using a Bayvent or Chimney Vent kit? Would I be better off with a liner instead (aluminum or stainless)?

    I hear the loss with a Bayvent is about 2% from my...
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    liner or bayvent

    I discussed this with the contractor and although his explanation was not as thorough.... he said if I don't put a liner in - the Bayvent will be needed by the inspector.
    and he says the loss in...
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