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    anyone use this on daikin vrv system?

    doing a job on a six story low rise with fifty flats running three daikin vrv systems and two systems have twinned hp's. has anyone used the rapid evac in this application? hp1 does sixth floor...
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    dedicated to chuck!!!!

    Chuck Norris once walked down the street with a massive erection. There we no survivors.

    On June 7th 1994, Chuck Norris entered the same restaurant supermodel Cindy Crawford was eating at....
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    rich man and poor man!!!

    a rich man and a poor man are sitting at the bar having a drink and the discussion turns to what they got their wifes for christmas. the rich man tells the poor one, I gave my wife a mercedes benz...
  4. if I was you I would get myself a gilly suit and...

    if I was you I would get myself a gilly suit and a bb gun of my own and give them neighborhood kids a taste of their own medicine!!! its not like they are going to run home telling their parents they...
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    good morning!!!

    new member to the site and introducing myself. my real name is jason but I also go by the name radar. My boss at work called me that one day and it stuck like glue!! I have already filled out some of...
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