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  1. Everyone's take on Liquid charging adapters(i.e. Imperial 535c)

    Just a posting to get everyone's take on Kwik-charger, the liquid charging adapters. Are they time savers, worth the money or just go cheap and throttle ?
  2. Wow Thank you all. Love the info that I have...

    Wow Thank you all. Love the info that I have recieved so far. Great to hear the life experiences(i.e wisdom)
  3. Awesome and appreciated advice Thermo. Thank you...

    Awesome and appreciated advice Thermo. Thank you so much for the nugget of wisdom.
  4. Graduating in May. Need Advice on what to expect in Job search for Nothern WV East Oh

    I am graduating in May of this year with Associate of Applied Science from Hvac program, with Certificate in Industrial Maintenance, and Certificate for Appliance Repair.. Already have Universal EPA...
  5. Replies

    Hello to all.

    Hello to all, I am new to the site, just created an account and searching thru the post to obtain as much knowledge as I can.I will graduate from a community college in May in HVAC. The more I learn...
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