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  1. Any Employers in Oakville and surrounding area

    any employers currently looking to take on a hvac apprentice/s at the current time with exception to Naylor Group...

    any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks

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    Any Sheet Metal Workers with dual tickets

    Currently a SMW apprentice.. any fellow tinners have a duel certification in smw and HVAC ?? is this possible?? will the employer take a SMW on as a HVAC tech?
    after or during ones apprenticeship?
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    I'm assuming a G3 will 'get your foot in the...

    I'm assuming a G3 will 'get your foot in the door' and take you on as a apprentice???

    I'm currently a sheet metal worker apprentice ... i'm glad our tinners don't need multiple certs. to become a...
  4. Sheet Metal / Refrigeration dual ticket in Canada

    I'm currently a early term tinner.. just about to get my Gas tech licenses within the next year or so, and have got some questions to anyone in ontario/canada .

    during or after my sheet metal...
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    HVAC Apprenticeship in Canada

    Looking to get into the HVAC industry and start an apprenticeship in Ontario

    Trying to get my foot in the door an start an apprenticeship in London, Ontario and was inquiring if getting my G3 or...
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