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  1. My Mr. Slim is one of their high efficienty...

    My Mr. Slim is one of their high efficienty "hyper heating units" 21,600 btu capacity heating capacity, 20.2 SEER, 14.2 EER and 10.3 HSPF if that helps any.

    I just looked at another site that...
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes, one Mr. Slim indoor...

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, one Mr. Slim indoor unit for the whole house. The house is a VERY open design with no halls; as long as the doors are open, the single Mr. Slim indoor unit which is...
  3. Temp. efficiency question between Mr. Slim and in-floor electric radiant heat

    I have a newly built 1008 sq. ft patio home (on slab) in central Minnesota.

    I have a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim split heating/cooling system, outside unit is model MUZ-FE18NA and inside unit is model...
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    Intermittent ignition problems: Heat-N-Glo

    Hi: New to the site as a user; have searched the site before as a guest. Great source of information!

    I am staying the winter at a neighbor's house while they winter in Texas. They have a gas...
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