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  1. Heat pump system in new construction bought July...

    Heat pump system in new construction bought July 2004. (Compressor #1)
    Stopped cooling in July 2011. Reversing valve and compressor replaced (Compressor #2)
    System found to be tripping circuit...
  2. Compressor replacement. Good outcome likely?

    I posted before about a compressor failure on my 3 ton heat pump system 8 months after a major repair where a new compressor was installed. I've gotten several estimates for repair and replacement...
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    Thanks for the suggestions. It's always helpful...

    Thanks for the suggestions. It's always helpful when you can get help from folks that are knowledgeable.

    The technician that looked at my system gave me the contact information for the local...
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    Trane HP Compressor failure after 7 mos.

    I have a Trane Heatpump which was in a new construction home from about 2004. The model is 2TWB0036A1000AB. I live in Alabama so A/C is used a lot in the summer.

    June 2011 the unit stopped...
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