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  1. beenthereiiI KNOW you beenthere!!! But could...

    beenthereiiI KNOW you beenthere!!!

    But could you, or someone else, please explain in simple english, why 40 is better than 45, or 35--for my circumstance. I know it has to do with (FORCED SECONED...
  2. York 8T Hot Heat setting--(switch point-35,40,45?)

    Have York Affinity 8T 18/seer-YZH (3 ton) with matching AVY36 air handler, with 10k AUX Elec heat. Have NO compressor lock out-- aux locked out to 5 degrees.

    Thermostat is a Honeywell YTH9421C1002...
  3. Using Merv 10-20x25x5, will be going to Merv 11,...

    Using Merv 10-20x25x5, will be going to Merv 11, I think, next filter change!
    I lived on the property while home was in construction. So no running HP, they did bring in a kerosense torpedo blower,...
  4. Filter is clean, and I knew better than to let...

    Filter is clean, and I knew better than to let them run it for heat.
    I had read nightmares on this site about that!
  5. No I did not, but you can bet I will tomorrow...

    No I did not, but you can bet I will tomorrow morning. If it is that, it will not be the first time I have had to eat crow!!(lol)
    I will report back tomorrow.
  6. I want to chime in again and say--it is brand new...

    I want to chime in again and say--it is brand new construction, only been in service 3 mo. So no dirty filter!

    The compressor sits on a concrete pad, the lines run about 20" from the rear of the...
  7. I want to say about 10', then about 40'...

    I want to say about 10', then about 40' horizonial to the air handler.
    It seemed that the (shudder) did not appear right away, took a month or so to start, and of course in the first month or so, it...
  8. Heat Pump, small shudder when shutting down!

    New home construction, new Affinty 8T (3ton) heat pump, seems to be working fine.
    Fired up in Nov. 09, starting sometime late Jan 2010, about 2 MO. of operation, when shutting down, we hear a small...
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    I was going with heat strip (#4HK*6501006) it...

    I was going with heat strip (#4HK*6501006) it shows it to be a total of 9.6kw--I guess I thought it had 2 stages. So does that mean when it calls for aux, it brings in the (whole) monty??
    I'm trying...
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    best stat?? TH8321 or Yth9421??

    Thanks for the reply, did not know if the TH8321 was a close 2nd, some on this site I (think) said the YTH9421 stat was quieter--can not remember why--getting ready to meet with contractor, and...
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    just need a little help, thanks

    just need a little help, thanks
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    HP,split system, What IAQ thermostat??

    New home construction, very tight, slab on grade, 2000sq.ft. Going with 3ton York 8T Affinity-split system, VS air handler, with aux electric back up.
    Here is the question, what Honneywell IAQ stat...
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    Looking at the manual J--the design temp was 10...

    Looking at the manual J--the design temp was 10 degrees--I really appreciate everyone's help--we are struggling to find a compenant HVAC person in this area!
    I had planned on using a 10K (2) stage...
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    learning the hard way!!

    No--I think they do not know how to size--They are reluctant to even consider HP's--good ole boy's--(just put ya one of them gas furnace in there) and let-er blow!!
    If I were to go with a (3) ton...
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    HP, split system-what size??

    New contsrution,2000sq.ft. on insulated slab on grade. ICF construction-sprayed/sealed attic,(very tight)!
    I have had (2) manual J's done by competent HVAC contractors, and as we all know--everyone...
  16. Need wholesale HP sources, that sell to public

    Sorry, but that is not allowed on this site. Plus, you have to be a professional member to send and recieve PM's.
  17. Beenthere is the IAQ you speak of the same as the...

    Beenthere is the IAQ you speak of the same as the other (brother) spoke of--
    Honeywell VisionPro IAQ QYTH9421C002--
    it sounds like what I'm looking for--thanks for everyon's responses--just trying...
  18. Thermostat, York,split,HP,elec. back-up-What stat??

    OK, another newbi question--York, split system,HP,elec-back-up!
    (YZHH04811) With a variable speed air handler-Now I need a good thermostat--I have heard it said here that the honeywell 8000 was a...
  19. for that 50' distance, and at least (2) ell. will...

    for that 50' distance, and at least (2) ell. will I have to increase the line set for the York??
  20. It is about 50'--and that is NOT counting any...

    It is about 50'--and that is NOT counting any 90's--the compressior will be on the ground--and the air handler will be in the attic--so at least (1) 90--at ground level??--then up to attic--then...
  21. It is the YZHH04811---also is there (deductions...

    It is the YZHH04811---also is there (deductions for 90's)--I have heard??--that 90's are counted as (9') any truth to that??
    thanks for your response;)
  22. Distance between compressior & airhandler

    We are doing new construction, single story home, slab on grade. Going with a split system HP, with airhandler in attic/over garage!
    We most likley will go with a top of the line (York) 4 ton, with...
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    Silver City, NM. 88061

    Silver City, NM. 88061
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    attic or equip. rm--air handler

    If I were to put air-handler in equip. rm. it would be in the garage--and NOT really a conditioned space--we do live in a mild climate, and not concered with garage freezing.
    I have been told--that...
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    Air handler in attic or equip. Room

    New construction home 2000' slab on grade--house to be super tight (ICF) sprayed attic--NO VENTS--HP/ split system, elec. back-up.
    I have heard it both ways--what is the latest opinion on where to...
  26. I think it just ties into the graywater-and then...

    I think it just ties into the graywater-and then to the septic tank. Is there a problem doing it that way? I thought there might be a 3/4" line--and I could just direct it to the drain.
  27. HP, split system, do I need a drain? for condensation?

    Doing new home-going to put air-handler in a (equip.rm.) do I need a drain in the floor, for condensation--now's my chance-as slab is not poured, yet!
  28. HP,to use hybrid/propane or electric strips

    I have asked some of this before, so please bear with me--
    New home construction, very tight envelope, (2000sq ft)
    single level on insulated slab.
    Home located in SW. NM. zip 88041--5600ft.el....
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    HP installer wanted, SW. New Mexico

    New construction home, looking for a qualified HP installer, maybe from Las Cruces, El Paso, ?? Our zip is 88041
  30. high elevations?? heat-pump

    been calling different dealers--like up in Denver,CO-(googled um up)--to see if they use them there--the little bit of feedback I am getting is??no problem--
    anyone else on this board using a...
  31. so you would think-LOL

    I just had to ask, as that is what some of them have said--(being to high) el. that is!
    People here have used wood-and now pellets to keep from using there forced air/propane heaters--
    we are...
  32. How does Elevation affect Heat Pump operation

    We live in SW-NM-zip 88041--we are building new construction--a lot of folks here say heat pumps do not work well here due to the elevation--we are at 5600ft.el. (high desert) what do pro's have to...
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    We really hope we can use elec. as back...

    We really hope we can use elec. as back up--propane is @ $3.00 @ ga.--thank you for doing the calulation--I will start another thread on the el. question--thanks;)
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    Heat-pump/ is elevation a problem-(5600ft)

    I have many questions--but just this one for now--as I had said in a few post's above--many out here are (old school) and say that heat-pumps do not work well out here do to the elevation...
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    HP/geothermal, is a problem, very rocky!

    geothermal is very difficult in this area, as we have tons of rock--also the expense of install would be very high!
    So if I understand you, as I'm trying to learn all the buzz words--I would have a...
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    Heat pump-what kind of back-up-elec or LP

    Building new home, very tight envelope, single story 1900sq.ft.--about 20 windows total. We live in NM.(88041zip) in the SW part at 5600ft./el.
    Went to a major HP site, and downloaded these facts...
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    cheaper than propane>> @ $3.00 a gal.??

    Thanks for the reply, I had never even considered a (HP) and most in this area say the (old type) do not work well here!
    They are all scared of anything new, they are old ranchers (great, great...
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    ACHP--Acadia?? cheaper than propane??

    Please forgive a newbie's first post--we are building new home (very well insulated) in the mountains of S.W. New Mexico. It does get down to 5 degrees--but does not stay there all day!
    Our elec....
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