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    This sounds interesting. I assume it would be...

    This sounds interesting. I assume it would be propane fired (no natural gas available). I could build a cabinet around it, with a PVC exhaust flue sticking out. Cabinet and boiler attached with...
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    New Yorker OS114 oil boiler replacement

    We have a lake cottage in Ohio that we visit mostly on weekends, 1-2 weekends a month. We use it year round.

    There is a New Yorker Boiler oil fired boiler, it's mounted outside on a concrete...
  3. buying a cottage - old heat pump, AC, and hydronic oil boiler

    My wife and I are buying a lake cottage. This has always been a weekend cottage and will stay that way. Located in Ohio.

    Primary heat is a "New Yorker" oil burning boiler, mounted outside, with...
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