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  1. You mentioned you had a couple of ideas. I'm...

    You mentioned you had a couple of ideas. I'm wondering if those ideas are expensive to fix. Is it possible this could be an easy fix or am I looking at some big money. I know one thing for certain,...
  2. Qwerty HVAC, I noticed it says you are from...

    Qwerty HVAC, I noticed it says you are from Buffalo. I am as well. Do you have any recommendations on who in the area I should give a call too? I'm in Cheektowaga.

    Thanks for the replies...
  3. ...

    This is the youtube link that I just posted to help better understand what I'm taking about. Thanks.
  4. Squealing compressor 30 seconds after start up.

    When my compressor turns on everything is normal, hot air from the fan and cold air from the registers. 30 seconds after start up though there is a loud squealing noise coming from the compressor and...
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    Assess my quote

    I live in Buffalo, NY (jokes are welcome)

    I had a guy come and do an energy assessment and said that my house is pretty tight with minor stuff that I can do myself. I just had all the windows done...
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