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    Duct Sealing: What is mastic?

    I recently had a gas furnace replaced. There was a small amount of ductwork necessary for proper fit. The affected section of duct seems rather loose. It seems to leak when the recirc blower is...
  2. Thanx - more info

    Thank you all very much for the replies. There's a lot of good info.

    The original unit is a 45k input. There is no A/C. We're in Washington, SE of Tacoma. Short mild summers. Miserable...
  3. Furnace sizing based purely on blower size???

    I've been shopping for a contractor to replace a gas furnace. I cannot find a contractor who will give me a logical basis for their sizing of the furnace.

    I have now contacted 6 heating...
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    Thank you all for your advice and comments. I greatly appreciate the help.
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    How to size a 2-stage furnace?

    I need experienced opinion on how to size a 2-stage gas furnace.

    The concept of a 2-stage furnace seems very efficient, if properly sized. To me, it seems logical to target the high heat stage...
  6. need your advice on evaluating HVAC contractors

    I need your opinions and advice on evaluating HVAC contractors and their proposals. We need to replace our forced air gas furnace.
    The house is two story, almost 1800 sq ft, and is located south...
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