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  1. Any advise for someone moving to Long Beach NY in 3 weeks?

    Moving in 3 weeks with the very soon to be wife with, (unfortunately), no job. I have a lot of commercial experience including running full construction jobs. I would really like to find an inside...
  2. Maxter, I have been looking on the websites...


    I have been looking on the websites that you suggested and am slightly dissappointed by salaries offered. I make more than many here in NE PA! I woud love an inside 8 hr/day job but...
  3. Thanks for the info! When you say these...

    Thanks for the info! When you say these companies work in Manhattan are you driving in every day or using mass transit?
  4. Moving to Long Beach NY and need help with the job search!

    I will be moving to Long Beach in October with the brand new wife at that point. I currently live in NE PA and have almost 9 years experience as a service tech. I have worked for a company that did...
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    Worked for them for 2 years and like the other...

    Worked for them for 2 years and like the other posts state you are rewarded for selling and not for doing a good job and having clue. DO NOT WORK THERE!
  6. Thread: Hey all!

    by Mike623

    Hey all!

    My name is Mike. I currently live in northeast pa but will soon be moving to long island ny. I've been a service tech since I graduated from triangle tech in Pittsburgh PA in 2004. I've had a few...
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