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  1. Accutherm Therma-Fusers any Field Experience Good or Bad?

    I am looking at Therma-Fuser installations that serve conference room (s). It does not work well and many occupant/user complaints. The Conference rooms are relatively small and have about four to...
  2. You are right. Nothing has changed. Thanks for the reply.

    The Accutherm Therma Fuser seems to have caught on because of the "Green Movement". They (designers) see them as the ultimate VAV box for very small zones, thus creating high levels of comfort for...
  3. Jack Marcotte

    thanks for the reply. If we correct the problems we will take the themafusers out. It is a brand new installation and the incompatibility of the thermafusers with the HVAC objectives have become...
  4. Accutherm's Thermafusers? What is going on?

    We are having negative experience with the Thermafusers and the way they operate as a "VAV" system. The obvious need for just .250 inches of sp within the duct creates some obstacles. Does anyone...
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    Expansion Tank Air control vs Air Elimination

    Don't waste money on putting in a plain steel tank. Review the values and benefits of a Bladder tank on pump efficiency and pipe corrosion protection. You want to eliminate air not control it. ...
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    Hydrotherm KN Boilers, Feedback

    Anyone had experience with the KN boilers by Hydrotherm? I would be interested in any comments from the field on these condensing boilers. Good or Bad. Thanks.
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    N30?. Has no sensor inputs! That information is...

    N30?. Has no sensor inputs! That information is coming from other network devices such as a DX 9100. If the information is bad you would have to at least check the controller that it is coming...
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    Hydrotherm KN Boilers, Feedback

    Does anyone have experience with the Hydrotherm KN series condensing boilers. Good and or Bad experience I am interested in hearing about it. Thankyou.
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    The Gasmaster GMI 4M may have serveral "kinks" . Gasmaster modified the Riello burners on some of their models predating '05. Consequently the "Riello" burners are not Riello but a modified burner....
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    Gasmaster, Slim

    Yes, it is a water tube, low mass condensing boiler. It also has a direct flame impingement design on the water tubes that are stainless steel. That would/could promote tube cracking and I believe...
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    Jack Marcotte

    Have experienced burner problems with the Riello burners with component failure. Riello, however does not accept the problem as a warranty problem because the components that were failing were...
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    What's impossible?


    Knowing what you know or not knowing what you think you know. Both are possible.

    Yep, its jack from cj.
  13. Burner Pressure Fault?

    You don't have enough info---but this is a WAG. Look at the stack height and see if during morning start up or during the night if set back occurs the draft in the chimney will be lost when the...
  14. Domestic Water pressure

    Rip out the clayton valves, put in a check valve, install a VSD on the pump. Put in a single point PID controller with pressure transducer. Make a large P value and a small I value, and do not use...
  15. DDC control optimization of part load performance...

    DDC control optimization of part load performance on an existing 350 Ton Centravac Chiller with R123. I am looking to control this chiller to optimize part load performance efficiency. I will be...
  16. Looking for suggestions on optimazation of...

    Looking for suggestions on optimazation of control of a 350 Ton Centravac Chiller with R123 (approx 10 years old) . What are some of the most efficient control schemes that will work for this...
  17. I want to interface a DDC controller output to a...

    I want to interface a DDC controller output to a Trane 30 Ton Voyager RTU . I understand that I should be able to get a discharge air temp. reset with return air temp. by using a resistance imput in...
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    Tridi--? Going Going Gone

    I am starting to see the handwriting on the wall. The controls industry will soon be over run by the IT industry and it will be dominated by Web Services and XML. 10 years from now we won't even...
  19. I want to integrate some JCI controls with an...

    I want to integrate some JCI controls with an Automated Logic front end. Are their any Automated Logic experts out there that can get me going in the right direction. I am specifically looking for...
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    We have taken some Staefa Smart II VAV box...

    We have taken some Staefa Smart II VAV box controllers off a job site. Other than the local staefa dealer who wants to steal them does anyone know who is in the market for used Staefa DDC Controls. ...
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    We are renovating a older Staefa VAV Box DDC...

    We are renovating a older Staefa VAV Box DDC control system and have about 34 Staefa Plenum rated Smart II VAV box control modules along with the sensors. The Staeffa system was about 15 years old....
  22. Additional comments: a 135 Ohm slide wire...

    Additional comments: a 135 Ohm slide wire controller requardless of make or model should be able to be controlled with a 4-20 ma control signal and two properly sized resistors. Keep in mind the ma...
  23. OK, thanks for the comments I do have a solution...

    OK, thanks for the comments I do have a solution and I will send it (The Schematic) when I get done with the job. Just wondered if anyone had a better solution. Mine costs less than 5 bucks in...
  24. Does anyone know what the wiring scheme with...

    Does anyone know what the wiring scheme with resistors is to convert a 4-20 ma signal to a 135 ohm slide wire control to control a 135 Ohm actuator. I know a converter can be bought but I would like...
  25. re Thermo: Thanks for some good practical info. ...

    re Thermo: Thanks for some good practical info. I will
    probably have to use it.
  26. I have a job where we will be replacing some...

    I have a job where we will be replacing some existing McQuay
    hydronic (heat/Cool) fan coil units. They are about 40 years old. One of the model No. is SF-2 LX, a McQuay unit. Does anyone have a...
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    N30 HooK up---getting done

    I am getting it done, so thanks for
    the comments. I believe the N30 is
    the only jci device I can use as an integrator within this
    job where I am using 4 DX9100's. It is
    working but I am having...
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    I am using the local supplier but my problems are also related to the interface of computer terminal emulation software with jci Project Builder. Also JCI does not want to communicate directly with...
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    Any experienced N30 experts out there? I can use...

    Any experienced N30 experts out there?
    I can use any information on set up,
    use of Program Builder, PC communications
    with serial port to the N30 and any
    related communciation problems that can...
  30. Thread: VFD's

    by jack marcotte


    I have installed many VSDs over the years, Toshiba, ABB, Magnetek, TBWoods, Hitachi, and ACTech, think that about covers it. I have never replaced a motor when doing so and I have never had a motor...
  31. Thanks Jack


  32. Thread: AAON

    by jack marcotte

    VSD Trip

    These kind of complaints seem to occur when no one is responsible for the installation and controls integration. The Electrican Installs it the controls contractor runs his control lines and then...
  33. Whats the best/or good way to determine the...

    Whats the best/or good way to determine the programability of the available Lon Mark controllers. Most seem to be App. Specific and not all that powerfull when it comes to flexability.

  34. dudda

    Knowledge and experience are needed. I am not aware of any shotcuts that work. A RTU and most HVAC equipment if new or old does not come optimized but usually is a comprimise of design and first...
  35. OK, starting to get it. Need additional time and...

    OK, starting to get it. Need additional time and review of Lon capacity to see how it changes construction efficiency and costs. Implementation costs drive our selling price and payback and...
  36. to sysint

    OK, thanks. Its what we do and typically we do gut the existing controls. Intergration does not mean capability or capacity other than what is already there.

    In most cases we have looked at new...
  37. to Sysint

    We do alot of things that are not common, yet. We reset DA Temp and DA SP continously based on RA and OA temp. We typically modiy Bldg. VAV boxes to Pressure Dependent boxes so we can get away with...
  38. Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the info.
  39. We renovate RTUs in place now and then and each...

    We renovate RTUs in place now and then and each time it is a surprise from a control stand point based on the age and condition of the RTU itself.

    On the newer Trane units with the microprocessor...
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    OK, next time I need help on integration I know where to go.
    good comments.

    Jack Marcotte
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    Area network

    You may also check out the process control industry. They are not all caught up with Backnet, LonMark etc. They have controllers that will sit on ethernet networks. Not sure about costs but...
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    VFD & Current Flow

    I have been installing VFDs over many years and the motor manufacturers sales reps keep talking about a magic number to not go below. This typically is not true (in low torque HVAC work) because the...
  43. sysint

    That sounds like a good idea for my next job that involves RTUs . I'll talk to you about it when they OK the proposal. I will finish this job up within the next week.


  44. sysint additional

    I just checked out the DX9121 Lit. They are peer to peer that in itself is a big issue becasue we would not need a front end when tieing them in to a bunch of RTUs. That's a good deal if I am...
  45. sysint --Lon Controller

    I have already bought my controllers DX9100s but in the future I can check it out. I may have another job coming up with 5 Trane RTUs. In any event I will be talking to you about the Reli Tel and...
  46. Last on Relia Tel and JCI 1100 controls. ...

    Last on Relia Tel and JCI 1100 controls.

    Thanks for the help and comments. Due to my performance specifications I need a lot of processing power, having enough inputs and outputs does not do it...
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    TRG reply

    I vote for Trg reply, he covered the ground and weeded it at the same time.
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    I have been using the DX 9100 from JCI for...

    I have been using the DX 9100 from JCI for serveral years and have built up several programs. Primarily for central plant and large commercial office use. If someone else has done likewise I would...
  49. Lonmark

    Thanks for the reply, Lonmark is OK but not needed because I have no communication issues within the JC DX9100s and N2 bus with the N30 that has an ethernet connection to the Outside world (OW)
  50. XT & XP

    Yes I have used them extensively on other jobs but its the Program modules in a DX 9100 that I run out of. A DX9100 for me is maxed out past two RTUs. Also the cost of the expansion modules soon...
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