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    No inspections on Icemakers?

    There are enough of us in the industry to complain. Ice machines should be inspected and I bet they just have been ignored for so long they take it for granted that if it makes ice they must be...
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    Ya thats is ultra clean compared to some of the...

    Ya thats is ultra clean compared to some of the restaurants I've done in Temecula. It always has me wonder why the Health inspectors don't seem to check the ice makers.Yet they have A ratings in the...
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    SA TUX, APEX's for ibex

    do you still have sa tux's for sale I would be intrested in all you got and any apexes you may have laying around!!! HAHA
    Thanks Warmaire
  4. load calcs can show you what you need.

    Depending on the size of job you can ask your contractors for their load calcs for your job, a phone call to your building department will tell what r factor duct is required. Dont feel pushed by any...
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    Stop and look

    Step back and look at what has been done!! Tel the coustomer NO unless after looking at whats been done the second stat has a remote sensor and is only mounted in the other zone because of looks....
  6. If it wasn't for those untrained pros, we...

    If it wasn't for those untrained pros, we wouldn't be making any money!!!!
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