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  1. Need advice on replacing Air or new infinity system

    Need some advice please. I need to replace a 12 year old 12 seer air conditioner because it loss Freon due to an evaporator leak over the winter. It froze was recharged and is working. It will...
  2. Thank you. How do I tell if it is an A or and N...

    Thank you. How do I tell if it is an A or and N series coil. The coil he quoted was CNPVP4824ATA WITH A HEAT PUMP 25HNA948A003
  3. Using Heat Pump Vs Air Conditioner With Infinity System

    I am considering purchasing a Carrier Infinity system with a 96.6 % MVB variable speed or 95 % MVC Modulator variable speed gas furnace. I am trying to find out which is the better way to go with a...
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