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    RS-485 Data cable sizes

    We have an RS-485 controls riser that
    is shielded 22 Gauge stranded
    On three floors we connected off of the riser
    N2 comm cards on Eaton V.F.D.'S one per floor
    The contractor is telling us...
  2. Excuse Me Alerton Controls

    Excuse Me Alerton Controls
  3. Honeywell Vision Pro with an Andover VLC Label

    I have two Package units that are suppose to communicate with each other through
    what appears to be a Honeywell TH811
    Vision Pro Stats on each unit
    The stats are labeled with the Andover...
  4. Eaton SVX9000 V.F.D. Bacnet Expansion card

    This is the Fourth Model# OPTCJ bACNET Card from Graingers
    Every time a OPTCJ Card is plugged into the "E" slot on the eATON svx9000 V.F.D. main board, I Get the word "GO" on the V.F.D's Keypad....
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    The GE H-10B Halon Leak detector

    This older GE works incredibly great on R-22
    Can it be used for 134-A
    Is 134-A , a Halogenated refrigerant?
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    Auto AC Charging R-12 Gauges to adaptor

    I am trying to find out pipe sizes for adapters
    I have both a Low and a High side Quick connector for
    134 A
    I am using my service gauges"R-12" hoses
    to connect to a 30 Pound Cylinder of R-134 A...
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    Do not Earth Ground the Drain wire?...

    Do not Earth Ground the Drain wire?
    Interesting,that may explain a few problems with other sites.
    I have seen this wire touching bare metal conduits and junction boxes
    These are Johnson FX...
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    RS-485 Wiring Question

    Will this work if the Bare drain wire is wired as per the Diagram below?
  9. Liebert Challenger Digital Compressor Control

    Anyone familiar with the control processor
    board for the Liebert Challenger 3000 systems
    The Manual is a little Vague regarding the Troubleshooting of the Actual Digital control of the Compressor...
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    Will this N2 wiring work

    Have to run a RS-485 Wire for a New UNT controller from the main N-2 Risercontrol
  11. Thank you Yes you can connect through switches...

    Thank you
    Yes you can connect through switches
    My laptop was on the wrong network
  12. connecting to fieldserver router through switches

    manually configured my IP with same subnet and same field server IP,with the exception of the last octet on mine.
    I am connected to a switch,not a hub,with other computers and a web 201 toit...
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    basrt-b router port

    can someone provide a real world example
    where one would use the UDT port
    on the contemporrary Controls Bacnet Router
    # BASRT-B
    I sit simalar to the UDP Protocol
  14. Thanks VPNBots

    Thanks VPNBots
  15. Honeywell/ tridium web201 no more connectivity by internet

    The Honeywell Web 201 has multiple Honeywell spyder controllers connected
    to it
    It connects to a standalone PC. Can no longer log in by internet. The system is connected to a router.My laptop...
  16. Baldor Inverter duty motor has unusual way of starting via V.F.D.

    Baldor tech commissioned new V.F.D. for 40 H.p. inverter duty moto When motor first starts it humms and shaft wiggles back and forth.
    Finaly it ramps up to full speed.The tech seemed to know his...
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    Great, their primary concern is that their vendor...

    Great, their primary concern is that their vendor is not supplying them with an Andover
    BACnet bCX1 Controller/Router,for their BACnet bus.So what I can do then is add a fieldserver between the...
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    Yes . Remember the customer is always right If...

    Yes . Remember the customer is always right
    If we say no there are companies, maybe your company, that will step in and give them what they want.
    It sounds strange but they are trying to replace...
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    NAE and Fieldserver router

    fieldserver was a little vague on this
    have a site
    with a Johnson NAE connected to Bacnet controllers of
    various vendors
    owner wants to go with Fieldserver router and eliminate the NAE. I am...
  20. Field Server Bacnet and Infinet ll controller

    I have an
    Andover Infinet ll Network controller
    RS-485 bus to Ethernet
    My server is running Cyberstation
    I have a seperate Shielded twisted pair for Bacnet
    I have two third party,Bacnet pump...
  21. I should add more We have an Andover Bacnet...

    I should add more
    We have an Andover Bacnet Master/Network/ router controller.
    The owner's people are asking us to put in a Johnson NAE or a Johnson FX40,with Bacnet Cards
    They want to control...
  22. Can a Bacnet controller control and read points with just

    Can a Bacnet digital controller,plain vanalla type, control analog /digital points and read points from a Bacnet ready V.F.D. with just using the
    RS-485 BUS that connects my head end computer,yes ...
  23. Thanks anyway,have the same manuals that come...

    Thanks anyway,have the same manuals that come with the new controllers
    no troubleshooting or assembly diagrams
    On other types there is usually a clogged restricter or clogged internal filter that...
  24. No Pneumatic signals on RobertShaw receiver Controller P541

    Robert Shaw Pneumodular series P451 ,beige color
    Dual input Direct Acting Receiver Controller

    Have four of these controllers on the same Air station
    They appeared to be working the other day...
  25. Great video I gather you have to braze on ...

    Great video
    I gather you have to braze on another access valve
    due to there is usually a check Valve in the dip tube?
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