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  1. This model has multiple ranges so it should work...

    This model has multiple ranges so it should work in any application including residential. It has user selectable ranges of .1/.25/1/2.5/5/10" WC and operates either bi-directional or...
  2. Veris Room/Duct Differential Pressure Transmitter - NEW still in packaging

    I have four (4) Veris Differential Pressure Transmitters - New in packaging - $100.00 each

    See my Ebay listing:...
  3. Veris Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter **NEW IN BOX**

    I have eight (8) PWLX05S Veris Wet Differential Pressure Sensors new in box. $200 each

    See my Ebay listing:
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    Veris Hawkeye Current Sensors

    I have a variety of current sensors for sale:

    (17) H908
    (4) H608
    (2) H600
    (15) H300
    (8) H948

    Items can be purchased through my eBay site.
  5. Thread: Whisker Switches

    by krys7

    Whisker Switches

    ***New In Box***

    I have twenty four (24) ABB LS45M91B11 Limit Switches (oil tight), commonly refered to as a whisker switch because of the long thin flexible rod attached to it.
    Kele sells these...
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    CSI I/NET Parts for sale

    I have the following parts for sale. They were recently removed from a site that was changing out their BMS. All parts were in working order when they were removed. All parts are clean with no...
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