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  1. That's what I was going to install, but the...

    That's what I was going to install, but the gentleman I spoke with at Carrier tech support (very smart guy BTW) opted for the hot gas head instead.
  2. Adjusting IDF motor pulley to FLA ratings of RTU


    For years I've adjusted IDF motor pulleys to the FLA ratings of the blower motor with the theory of I'm loading my evap coil up more and getting the system to its peak performance. I've...
  3. 06D hotgas unloading head added, 2 months later grounded compressor

    Carrier M#48TJF028550QA

    Greetings all. This unit has been a pain for a while, inherited this account a year ago from a contractor that did not need to be on this account. Ex. Taking out refg...
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