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    pressure drop

    SEER ratings are very complicated to say the least. A coil by itself has no real SEER rating until you match it with an outdoor unit and fan coil or furnace to move the air. That being said the only...
  2. You're right, I am a skydiver. Have been for...

    You're right, I am a skydiver. Have been for about 15 years and 1700 jumps.
    Seem to be slowing down myself. Too many other things going on.
  3. It is also a more comfortable way to operate the system!!

    Sorry I didn't log on sooner as I see I've missed a lot of conversation about this subject.

    Benny makes some good points about how the system was set up to run and how his 5 stage heat pump...
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    I hope you are not planning on using that over!

    Thanks Kevin, and no I will not be using that coil again. I am in the wholesale HVAC business and I had a customer that wanted a quote on a heat pump and electric AH to replace an old system in a...
  5. heat pump stats

    That's the problem with most heat pump thermostats when the temperature drops below the balance point.

    I use two different solutions for my customers to chose from. One is to use an outdoor...
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    Lennox a/c residential coil

    Can anyone tell me what size coil a Lennox model #04-41-4FF is? I believe it's a 3 ton but need that confirmed.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Variable ove 4 speed

    I'd go with the Rheem/Ruud Mod unit. It's been out for over 10 years and has an excellent track record. The VS (ECM) motor will pay for itself in electrical savings besides giving the customer...
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    I'm so sorry walnuttree, I must have lost my head.

    I'm so sorry walnuttree, I must have lost my head.
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    Rheem/Ruud, model RGRA/UGRA. It's been on the...

    Rheem/Ruud, model RGRA/UGRA. It's been on the market since 1994 and is one of the best in terms of reliability. Also at only 34" in height it is user installer friendly too. Stainless steel primary...
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