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  1. As espected...

    Thanks Gary,
    Those are the numbers I was expecting to see. As with all things environmental, it is an estimate between the lab and the actual conditions, but 30 to 40% is a number I can love....
  2. Exactly my question -

    Aaah - the crux of the biscuit:

    Say I select a 3T 14SEER unit, and then compare the operating costs to a 15 or 16, at higher initial cost, in my (Atlanta) environment, how much difference will I...
  3. New system

    That is kinda where I think I'm heading. I'd like to have the performance for tax purposes, and as you say, it will continue to pay back in savings over the life of the unit. Electricity won't be...
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    Who majes Goodman?

    I was told yesterday by a rep that Amana makes Amana, Goodman and GMC, sticking on the label with a few differences.

    Is that true?

    I know that a consumer electronics company I worked at about...
  5. pricing!

    Oops - sorry about that.

  6. real-world difference in 13, 14, 15, etc. SEER

    I am looking for a new split heat pump - and the questions coming up from the contractors are 13 SEER or higher? 410A or 22?

    So, given the many options out there, what are the actual performance...
  7. which brand

    I was not pricing. I simply stated what amount I had to work with. Like if I won a million $ I would not really care - geothermal etc, etc.

    But unlike you I have to think about the real world.
  8. which brand in the multi-speed / variable comp?

    After nursing my old 3T (2.5T outside, 3T inside) system along, it is probably getting replaced. My parents just put on a new Trane system rated up to 18SEER, and he is pushing me to look into the...
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    Read the indoor:

    Took readings:

    The indoor superheat at the evaporator outlet was about 4 to 5 degrees higher than the reading at the low side outside. I may put remote bulbs on the off-coil and evap return lines...
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    reading SH / SC at the outside unit

    The charts say read superheat at the evaporator, but my fitting is of course at the lowside outside...

    With about 50 - 60' lineset on a 3 ton unit, fixed orifice, what difference should I see in...
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    Help with Nordyne model number

    I have tracked the leak in my 10-11 year old "Tappan" to 1 of the 6 cap tubes feeding the A coil. Bubbles up pretty good - and squeals the leak checker like a pig. The A coil will slide out, and be...
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