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  1. best way to become an hvac teck?

    i have 2 options. join the plumbers union and get trained in hvac with an apprenticeship and evening classes or get an associates degree and than join an apprenticeship with a nom union...
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    affordable absorption chillers?

    i am looking for a small absorption chiller or something like them that can cool a house with heat coming from a wood pellet boiler system. i thought about having the contractor install a compressor...
  3. contractors who do hvac jobs in weekly incriments

    any ideas on how i can find companies who do hvac jobs in weekly increments? for instance one day install the furnace and another week come by and install the a/c unit. there is no way i am going to...
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    hydronic fan coil

    i decided i am going to have the contractor install a central hydronic fan coil as opposed to wall hydronic heaters since the central air one is way cheaper. also i will be using a wood and gas...
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    hydronic fan coil

    do they make chiller coils that can fit on top of any air handler? chiller coils like cold water as opposed to refrigerant.
  6. i mean central humidifier

    i mean central humidifier
  7. zone fan coil and central dehumidifier

    with each room having its own hydronic fan coil is there a way to get a central dehumidifier?
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    so basically black pipe holds heat in better than...

    so basically black pipe holds heat in better than copper pipe? i have seen photos where the main loop was black iron pipe and the zones were type L copper. and does black iron lasts longer than...
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    boiler pipe

    i want to know what type of pipe is best for the contractor to install for when i hire one. there is type l copper, black pipe or ductile iron pipe. is ductile or or black pipe the cheapest?
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    boiler pipe size

    i am just curious but can an 1 1/4'' pipe be able to support 15 zones with 14 of them all pumping 2 GPM to fan coils all at once through 1/2'' pipes? like is it even possible? i am going to hire a...
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    erv or hrv with zoning?

    do they make zoned heat recovery ventilators? like ones that keep the temps for each room separate? and if so what brands make these? i am probably going to have each room on its own heating/cooling...
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    high temp hydronic heat pumps?

    do they make high temp hydronic air to water heat pumps? ones capable of getting up to 200 degrees f and to chill at the same time? no ground source.
  13. if i go with zoned fan coils how would i use...

    if i go with zoned fan coils how would i use ventilation without mixing different room temps together? i think i will have a new normal system installed but this question i am curious about.
  14. want advice on the type of system that i need for my home.

    i have 3 options here for my home. i also want to use hydronic heat for the base of what ever heating system that i decide to have the contractor install. first system is a conventional hydronic air...
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