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    which way is correct or better?

    I almost done my new zone. I found I am piping as the A option on the attached diagram. But I think the B option makes more sense. Do I need to correct it? I am using 007 circulator not the zone...
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    1/2" or 3/4" branch lines?

    I have hot water heating only system. I am adding a room to it. The existing 2-pipe system has a 1" main line and 1/2" branch lines with BaseRay CI baseboards.

    I have bought few WeilMcLain CI...
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    Taco 007-FS and 007-FS-IFC circulator

    I am planning to add zones to my existing one zone hot water heating system. So I need to add flow check to the existing zone. Any professional knows if I can replace the Taco 007-FS with 007-FS-IFC...
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    Weil McLain Cast Iron Baseboard

    How do I know the Weil Mclain's cast iron baseboard is for hot water heating or steam heating? I am trying to buy some cast iron baseboard for my existing CI hot water heating system.
  5. a separate flow check valve or a circulator integrated with a flow check valve?

    which way is better for adding a new zone in a hot water heating system, a separate flow check valve + a regular circulator or a circulator with a built in flow check valve?
  6. type L or type K copper pipe is used for hot water heating?

    Which type of copper pipe are you using for hot water heating system, type L or type K?

  7. Yes, I have done the heat loss calcualtion and I...

    Yes, I have done the heat loss calcualtion and I may need 30ft Slant Fin Line 30 baseboard for that family room.
  8. Add baseboards and add zone, is this a good plan?

    Our existing CI baseboard one zone water heating system is not enough now. Because we are starting finish the basement and planning to replace the family room’s electric heating with water heating....
  9. professionals, how many zones you will have for your one floor house?

    I have a 1600sqft one floor house with full basement (Ranch house?) in MA. Now I have only one zone for the frist floor which have two bedrooms, living room, family room, dinner room and kitchen....
  10. There is a boiler loop with a separated...

    There is a boiler loop with a separated circulator. The boiler loop is for that purpose to gurantee the boiler flow, I think.
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    It is a CI baseboard water heating system. I am...

    It is a CI baseboard water heating system. I am trying to figure out if it is a Monoflo system or not. Looks like I have a 2-pipe direct return system. more info can be found here:...
  12. Seems not, we bought this house 4 yrs ago. The...

    Seems not, we bought this house 4 yrs ago. The water heating was not our main heating source until we converted to gas. So cannot tell really.

    I am sure there is no any special device/valve...
  13. The supply and return ends should be connected or not?

    Two yrs ago, we did oil to gas conversion. In the same time, we moved the boiler from one room to another. The main line is 1" pipe and others are 0.5" with CI baseboards, I think. In the old layout,...
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    Monoflo tee or regular tee?

    The attached tee is a Venturi tee or regular tee? The is no special mark on it, it should be a regular tee, I think. But I need your professional view. thanks,
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    which way to do Monoflo or 2-pipe system?

    It's time to finish my basement now. But before that the gas water heating system needs some work. Right now we have a one zone Monoflo system. We need to replace the electric heating system with the...
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    So that means there is no bad affect to others if...

    So that means there is no bad affect to others if I turn off some of them with valves? I read an article and it says unused radiators/baseboard should be short connected otherwise it will be bad to...
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    this is what i have now. I have one room nobody...

    this is what i have now. I have one room nobody there and the previous owner cut off few radiators/baseboards but the venturi tees are still there. So I am asking if it is good just shut off branches...
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    shut off baseboards

    I have a monoflo hot water heating system. the heaters are cast iron baseboards. some of them have a valve associated with the branch. can I just shut off them for those spare rooms? I am worrying it...
  19. gas boiler, cast aluminum or stainless steel?

    have two questions about high efficiency gas boiler:

    1. there are two types of high efficiency gas boiler from Burnham: Cast Aluminum Condensing Wall Hung Boiler and Stainless Steel Condensing...
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    was inherited a more than 20yrs old solar panel...

    was inherited a more than 20yrs old solar panel hot water system. it is good and we like it. after two yrs service to us, the tank starts leaking. because of the cost of replace the tank, we plan to...
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    nice to have experienced professional here. ...

    nice to have experienced professional here.

    Can I ask them to install boiler and tank in different rooms? The reason is I want to install gas boiler in where gas is coming and easy to vent (power...
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    Thank you for your reply. boiler is mainly for...

    Thank you for your reply. boiler is mainly for heating entire home. during the summer, use it to heat a small tank, is it too big for that purpose?
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    your opinion on gas hot water system

    Will do the Oil to Gas conversion soon for heating system.

    in the meantime, we need a new hot water system as well. Which one you prefer in the following options (we in CT very cold in winter):
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    tankless or indirect fired hot water tank

    if you need a hot water system with gas, you will go with tankless or indirect fired hot water tank used with the gas boiler?

    Tankless: needs gas and vent, installation expensive, more...
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    convert to gas or not?

    Bought a 1950 ranch house in 2007 summer in MA. we are first time home owner. we heard the winter heating bill will be big, so we bought a pellet stove before the winter in 2007. it is ok that year....
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