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  1. Adrian Steel Offers Vehicle Upfits for HVACR Businesses

    News from Adrian Steel
    Adrian Steel offers a number of vehicle upfits designed to make the lives of HVACR managers and technicians a bit more organized.

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  2. Dexter + Chaney Expands Access to Spectrum Software

    News from Dexter + Chaney
    Dexter + Chaney, providers of Spectrum Construction Software, will use Spectrum's customizable Dashboard to expand access to all employees of companies that use...
  3. For HVAC Service Technicians: Three-Phase Voltage Measurement Principles

    In the last HotMail article, Doc described the steps required to measure single phase voltage. Many HVAC contractors and technicians wrote asking for a similar article detaining how to measure...
  4. Veto Pro Pac the Prize in Upcoming Contest

    HVACR Contractors: Visit on August 1 to answer a single trivia question. Get it right and you might win a Veto Pro Pac, one of the industry's favorite tool bags.

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  5. Many Advantages to Danfoss New MOPD Coils

    News from Danfoss
    Danfoss adds higher maximum opening pressure differential (MOPD), UL approved BJ and BX coils to its existing product line.

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  6. Viewing Conflict in Your HVAC Business as an Opportunity

    by Mike Moore
    Improve working relationships and effectively resolve problems in the future using this method of conflict resolution.

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  7. Replies

    Thoughts on Leadership

    by Andy Fracica
    An effective leader has to have credibility, be an effective communicator, and a good listener. And remember, that leadership and management are two different things.

  8. Daikin Magnitude Chiller Now Available

    News from Daikin Applied
    With Daikin's Magnitude 1500-ton chiller, hospitals, data centers, universities and other large facilities now have a new, better way to meet HVAC energy efficiency...
  9. Cleaver-Brooks Acquires Two Texas-based Boiler Companies

    News from Cleaver-Brooks
    Cleaver-Brooks, a Harbour Group company, announced today that it has acquired two Texas-based boiler sales and service companies, one of which operates in six states....
  10. Don Fetzer Named President of Baltimore Aircoil Company

    News from Baltimore Aircoil
    Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) announced that Don Fetzer has been named President of Baltimore Aircoil Company, effective July 1, 2014

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    More Hot Products for August 2014

    Edited by Connie Conklin
    Commercial, industrial and residential contractors will want to check out these products! Take a look at an air-cooled liquid chiller, dampers, trade professional...
  12. The Sensational Sixties in HVACR Advertising

    Compiled by Terry McIver
    Air conditioning and related product sales really got heated during the 1960s. Residential HVAC became more accessible for more homeowners, and building owners were...
  13. A Tune Up On How Your HVAC Business Is Valued

    by Brandon Jacob, CPA, principal, Contractors Financial Opportunity
    Among small business owners, there is a basic misunderstaning of the different between value and price. In the HVAC...
  14. Field Technologies Webcast: Importance of a 'Connected' Workforce

    News from Field Technologies
    A Field Technologies webcast on Thursday, July 24 will discuss the three ways a mobile workforce needs to be connected: to people, to data, and to machines.
  15. Bye, Bye R-507A, R-404A and Others; EPA to Ban More 'Unacceptable' Refrigerants

    The list of refrigerants that refrigeration contractors have known as popular, efficient, and "forgiving" that are now found to be "unacceptable" by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grew by...
  16. Intermatic Offers Surge Protection for Appliances, Comfort Systems

    News from Intermatic
    Intermatic offers all-in-one protection from brownouts, surges and short cycles with the Compressor Defender device.

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  17. James Watkins, Brian McMillin Now With Master-Bilt

    News from Master-Bilt
    Master-Bilt has appointed James Watkins as regional manager for the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast sales regions, and Brian McMillin as customer service manager.
  18. In Memoriam: Maurice 'Maury' Jacobsen

    News from ACCA/CB
    Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has issued a news release to its members on the passing of Maurice "Maury" Jacobson, on June 30. Jacobson, who served as...
  19. Emerson Forms Joint Venture with Shanghai Ruking; Will Co-Develop Variable Speed Inve

    News from Emerson
    Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., announced the formation of a joint venture with Shanghai Ruking Electronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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  20. The Principals of Single-phase Voltage Measurement in HVAC Systems

    Correctly measuring and interpreting voltage is essential to every HVAC professional in the field. In an effort to help field techncial professionals be more accurate, here is a look at the...
  21. Air Innovations, Luvata Combine Expertise to Keep Las Vegas Tourists Cool Riding Tall

    News from Luvata
    On a busy weekend in June, a cooling product was tested under the fire of high Las Vegas temperatures, to keep passengers cool while riding the recently completed 550-foot...
  22. Thybar Corporation Offers Top-Quality, Competitively Priced Metal Building Curbs.

    Thybar Corporation, Addison, Illinois, introduces a new line of laser cut, competitively priced, all welded construction, insulated metal building curbs. Advanced laser technology offers the tightest...
  23. Trane VP Offers Supply/Distribution Insight During Interlog Conference

    by Terry McIver
    Dane Taival, vice president of service and customer care for Trane North America, recently lent his expertise to a panel discussion at Interlog 2014, an aftermarket supply...
  24. HVAC Contractors Should Spend How Much on Marketing? Are You Crazy?

    Most small business owners and HVAC contrctors count among them invest 2% to 5% of sales in marketing. Since small businesses, by definition, have small amounts of sales, 2% to 5% results in very...
  25. The Contracting 70th Anniversary Trivia Quiz

    Since 2014 marks Contracting's 70th birthday serving the HVACR industry, so we thought we'd have a little fun. See if you can get the most points.

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