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  1. Tstat programming and two stage furnace operation

    I just had a Trane XV95 two stage furnace installed together with a new Honeywell RTH8500 thermostat. This is a stand alone system. There is no central air. The thermostat was wired for two stages...
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    Skippedover - Certainly as you have said,...

    Skippedover - Certainly as you have said, everything I've read points to the importance of selecting the right HVAC company. My hands are somewhat tied here because to qualify for the City and...
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    Thank you very much for your feedback. My...

    Thank you very much for your feedback. My furnace installation is greatly subsidized by an energy efficiency program instituted by the city of San Francisco, and the local utility company. All...
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    Help choosing a furnace

    Trying to decide between a Carrier Performance 95 furnace and an Infinity 96 furnace. I live in San Francisco, so the climate is mild. I lean towards the Performance 95 because of price and concern...
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