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  1. Re: Pinholes

    I hope you have good luck with your situation, and I hope you find the best solution. If you don't mind, please post back what idea you come up with...I too am curious about how to deal with this...
  2. Re : pinholes in copper tubes

    ...You guys are not gonna like this, but I have a feeling you may end up using plate heat exchangers, so the well water side is isolated from the coil side. I have no idea how big the system is, but...
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    The only settings I've seen on the Trane screws...

    The only settings I've seen on the Trane screws pertaining to water flow rates and temperature differences only seem to apply to the evaporator delta T adjustments of 5, 10,15, & 20 degrees, and they...
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    Fan cycling switch for 460/ 1ph

    I guess some things depend on your own (good) judgement. I was never a fan of only breaking one leg of 230 or 460 even though they might be single phase, but one deciding factor would be how much...
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    Thanks Desert Guy , ...

    Thanks Desert Guy ,
    I'm waiting for a response from them.
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    Honeywell P7730A1019

    Hey guys,
    I'm trying to find a replacement for an obsolete oil pressure switch made by Honeywell. The switch shows proof of oil flow to the burner on a Kewanee boiler. Honeywell...
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    Oil Pressur Problems

    Can you temporarilly disable the economizer ? The econmizer might be dropping the superheat too low, causing refrigerant to be entrapped in the oil.
    Also make sure that no one has added too much...
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    Ok, I've vented, and I apologize to all I may have offended (and I'm not running for President) I accept the fact that every manufacturer out there in the hvac world is constantly trying to gain an...
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    Tecogens !!!

    I absoluteley HATE Tecogens, and will challenge anyone to prove they are worth thier trouble ! I've worked on them for years, sometimes side by side with a Tecogen field rep. I have a laundry list...
  10. Anyone heard of an oil change plug adapter for a semi hermetic compressor ?

    Many times I have run into a problem when having to change the oil in a semi hermetic compressor because the large drain plug ends up to low for a pan to slide under and has machine threads so I...
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