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    The water heater vents into the same flue. Here...

    The water heater vents into the same flue. Here is what it looks like now. That's the water heater coming in from the left.


    I'm not sure, but I think they were thinking they could come...
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    Flue is preventing media filter install

    I'm having a new furnace installed and A/C added to a house I own in San Jose, CA (different house than the one with two heat pumps I posted about before). Proposal called for a Bryant EZ-Flex...
  3. Thanks for the responses everyone, they've been...

    Thanks for the responses everyone, they've been very helpful.

    I took a look at the cavity behind the 20"x25" filter and it's just a flat box with a total depth around 6". In the center is a round...
  4. When is air velocity low enough to use a restrictive filter?


    I am trying to find out when it would be acceptable to use restrictive air filters, like the Filtrete red/purple/blue label filters sold in the big box stores.

    My understanding is that...
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