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  1. Receiving credit hours towards apprenticeship

    I was wondering, if you have an Electrical license 309A and start an apprenticeship in Hvac 313A or 313D, will the ministry of training credit you some hours towards your apprenticeship?

    I know...
  2. Thread: HVAC 313D

    by sanchez

    HVAC 313D

    Quick question. I am looking to start an apprenticeship in HVAC. Currently I have an opportunity to start with a company that does mainly residential work. I would need to eventually have G2 and...
  3. Thread: 313A vs 313D

    by sanchez

    313A vs 313D

    I read that a 313A licence covers more than the 313D, but if you wanted to eventually start your own little business, is a 313D license good enough? Is there enough work in the residential sector? Is...
  4. Electrician looking to become an HVAC mechanic

    Hello everyone. The HVAC apprenticeship was my first choice but the company I was with at the time only had space in Electrical. I completed my apprenticeship and am now very seriously looking at...
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